Is your data running out or the internet connection so slow that it puts you to sleep? If yes, then we have got the exact thing for you! We ensure you that this will not only brighten your present day but all the days to come.

Having a good broadband connection in today’s digital world has become almost as important as breathing. The entire population is living off the internet. Be it any professional field, educational field, household services or literary every other work gets accomplished with the help of internet – the one which comes with good speed. Thus, having a good internet/broadband connection is a top and major concern – especially when they come at relatively high prices. But, worry no more! Online couponing site, Zoutons brings you the best of the broadband services with exciting coupons.  The website holds exclusive offers, codes, and deals for each of them. Firstly, the customers get high-speed internet, which is faster than dial-up network and secondly the heavy cut down in prices due to the use of such offers. Now the internet speed which always seems to amaze us with its soaring prices can be literary cut down to its half!


Below is a generic overview of the major Broadband stores for better understanding;

  • Freecharge

Freecharge is one of the leading stores that provide exclusive and exciting deals, coupons on broadband services. Starting right down from cashback offers to flat off it’s all there in Freecharge. There are almost more than 80 offers on the Freecharge store right now. The offers always tend up to be helpful because firstly, they prove to be time-saving and secondly for the exciting offers, coupon codes, discounts, and deals that they offer which in return cuts down our bills at large. It is further categorized post mobile bill payment, recharge, electricity, and DTH. Freecharge with its amazing cash-backs, and secured payment system has become a chosen store by the users.


Yet another leading store responsible for the best broadband connection is Mobikwik. They provide us with exciting deals, offers, coupons and cash back on broadband recharge. The offers prove to be beneficial especially to the ones who need high-speed internet connection on a regular basis and the offers to tend to work in a jiffy when put to use, unlike some other websites which offer the same kind yet they take much longer time to get applied or in worse cases, ends up never working.


Now, Paytm is one name which has reached amongst the general mass of the country. It is presently now amongst the topmost paying apps that is being used by the country. Paytm undoubtedly has become the leading stores responsible for offering different deals, discounts, and coupons. One can end up winning a free recharge for a yearlong! As mentioned before the application of these offers cuts down but our cost, time and efforts. The star rating of 4.5 gives us a fair idea of how much the store is being appreciated for various purchases.


HDFC Payzap app is growing popularity amongst the common at large recently. All the HDFC bank users mostly have Payzap installed on their smartphones. And certainly, why not? Payzap is a complete payment solution with one single click. The app is categorized into different sections like – DTH, post-mobile bill payment, Datacard, prepaid bill recharge and other bill payments. What makes Payzap unique and makes people opt for it is that unlike others it doesn’t need money to get credited into account, but the payments are directly made from the debit or credit card itself. Thus it’s more hassle-free and less time-consuming.


Not an uncommon name, Tata Docomo is yet again another trusted store for broadband connections. It is categorized into different sections like – DTH, recharge and bill payments, Broadband, utility, and Data card. Each offers exclusive of its own and helps in getting exciting cash back and instant discounts. Tata Docomo is preferred by few due to its unique feature of carrying forward the unused data to the next month. Thus, no more crying over the unused data and the end results are a happy customer!


“Reliance” has become a household name for one and all. Its age-old history with us is the reason and still, it holds the same important position in many of our lives as it yet hasn’t ceased to amaze us with its exciting offers. It is further categorized into recharges, bill payments, postpaid mobile bills / recharges, internet and movies -each category holding unique deals and coupons. Presently the website offers the best cashback deals and free data. Reliance is an old and trusted brand in the telecommunication industry. It gives on striving to deliver the best to the customer always. The best example is the Reliance 4GJio offers that undoubtedly have beaten the rest. Hence, people still prefer Reliance over many others.


One brand which is always closest in competition with Reliance is “Airtel”. This is another trusted store for the broadband connection for a long time. The Airtel store coupon can be applied in various categories like – Bills, recharges, payments, train, e-wallet, medicines. The coupons available help in getting exciting cash-backs, free and unlimited data to the users. The 4.5-star rating itself speaks about the customer satisfaction level. Also, its unique feature of “open-network check” attracts the users to choose this over the others.

How to avail Broadband Offers?

Kindly follow the following steps to avail the” Broadband Offers”;

  1. Visit the website of your preferred broadband recharge site
  2. You will be directed to the Home page. Type “Broadband” on the search button. It will direct you to the page including all offers, plans and recharge related information for the same.
  3. Select the particular Broadband plan that you want to avail & click on “View Details”
  4. Go through the details of its validity, minimum amount that is required, etc.
  5. Apply any applicable promo code in order to save on recharges, e.g. if you are availing a Paytm coupon, go to Paytm’s official site, and process the payment through the website, paste the copied code and apply.
  6. And Viola! The coupon will be activated, and you will get the selected cashback or instant off or whatever discount the coupon had to offer.

How can you stay updated related to the latest Offers and Sales?

Now, that we know how cool and exciting these online deals that are available are, not to forget the cut downs in our bills, it is important for us to stay updated with the latest sales and offers.  You can subscribe to any of the major couponing website available, like Zoutons, Grabon, Coupondunia etc. to get the regular updates. Also, to keep track the best way is to download their mobile app on your phone as it is handier than logging into the website all the time. You will also be getting time to time notifications for the same.  Signing up for the newsletter is also a fun and convenient way to stay updated for the same. All you need to do is to sign in for the newsletter with your email id.

So, what are you still waiting for?  Just log into the website, check out for the exciting broadband offers and coupons and start surfing. Once you get to know how fun and easy it is, there will be surely no looking back for you. Hence, start on the loot if you haven’t still yet.

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