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How To Track Facebook User Location Latest Tricks 2017

Dear User : Today I Am Here Track Facebook User Location With My Another Hunt Of Today’s Generation, Let’s say that there is someone that is talking shit to you, let’s say that it is on Facebook and the person has a fake profile and you know probably who the person is when you find out the location.

Note: bandwidth-Everything Written Is Here Only For Educational Purpose…If You Do Any In legal Activity…We are Not Responsible For That.

It is not certain that it works, it depends on how much information the internet provider sends out the public,
it can vary from whom the internet provider is or even which country
you are in. I don’t know but, it worked for me

First Step: Track Facebook User

Close all your incoming connections (internet sites, programs, and stuff
except for Facebook.
be sure to chat with the dude that you trying to track down.


Step Two: Track Facebook User

goto start>cmd
Type net start -an

you will get a huge list of incoming IP’s
since we are talking about facebook
exclude it’s like:

That is the facebook server is in California(US),
instead look for more suspicious it’s
for example:

step 3:

go to IP Address | IP Address Tracer | IP-Address.com and track the geolocation        

or use this

IP Address Distance Lookup | IP Distance | IP-Address.com

it calculates the IP address distance from you and to the person
that you want to track.

To find your own IP type config in cmd

Final Words For All Of the Users:

In most cases, you should be able to Track Facebook User location. If nothing works and the matter is serious, then please approach police with all your findings and register FAIR against the Facebook user who is bothering you. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave the comment below.

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