Top Free Gmail Alternatives For Protect Your Privacy 2017

Today I well Talke about Top Gmail Alternatives For Free. What was once the go-to email provider in the world, millions have been leaving as Gmail with Google began violating user privacy protect, instituting draconian policy, remove all customer service support whatsoever, and altering the user interface in ways that millions of users protested?

There are also many other issues and reasons to Gmail, including a hardly usable mobile interfaces, continuously locking you out of your own account due to false alarms like trying to log in from a coffee shop or a friend’s house , and worse, not letting you restore your own account despite knowing all your own information and even inputting a valid verification code.

1)  Zoho mail

zoho mailAbout This: That is the interface to Zoho mail, but it is very easy to use set up and is a viable GmailAlternatives. They make it very easy to set up an account, and you can even set up your account by logging into your Gmail account. It has withstood years of testing and still gets good Service. It is worth checking out to see if you like it. It is not as privacy-focused as the others; however, I do think it’s secure, and certainly a more secure option than Others Mail.

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2) Yandex Mail

yandex mailAbout This: Yandex comes out of Russia this is Search Engine in Russia, and we know Russia is big about privacy. Since it comes from the Google competitor in Russia, which is the biggest search engine in Russia, then you Believe this email provider isn’t going anywhere.

If Yandex continues to improve their mail service, they can become a serious contender as a Gmail alternative. Additionally, they now have a domain Or, which really opens them up to the world, since not too many people can read Cyrillic. Better yet, they have a dark theme! The feature set is limited, but they do offer 15 GB of storage.

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3) Protonmail

protonmail.comAbout This: Protonmail Company starts out of Switzerland as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with the idea that they could make a truly private email client that was also flexible and easy to use.

Some of their Best features include a double password system for security – a login password and mailbox password, end-to-end email encryption, and a free mobile app. Some downsides are that the free version of Protonmail has limited storage (600MB) and a limited number of emails you can send per day (151). However, even as a second provider, Protonmail is worth using for more important emails.

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4) Tutanota

tutanota.comAbout This: Tutanota is another protect your privacy browser. The user interface is very basic, and the features are limited. For example, there are not IMAP or POP3 support. I would like to see them update their UI and also add in a dark theme and expand their feature set. However, I do like that they are privacy-focused. They support end-to-end email encryption and also have a free Android app and iOS.

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Final Word:

So There Are Top Best Free Gmail Alternatives. Among all top 3 including Gmail For Google, and Yahoo mail For Microsoft as top free email services from many years. Most of the internet users are using these three email service. But you can also try for other free email service given in the list.All of other email services also give better services to the user so you can also opt for them.

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