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How To Seen Someone’s Hidden Friend list On Facebook

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How To Seen Someone’s Hidden Friend list On Facebook

The easy trick to Hidden Friend List There are some personal information on Facebook that you just cannot completely hide — Your friend’s list are among those, even if there is an option to hide it.The issue resides in the Facebook’s mutual-friends feature concept, which has been in controversies in the past, raising privacy concernsBut now, a new Free Chrome extension called “Facebook Friends Mapper” (developed by Alon Kollmann) can expose a lot more than just mutual friends of the two Facebook users in “just one click,” creating high security and Privacy risks for Facebook users.

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However, the problem is

Even you set your friend list to private, other Facebook users may still be able to see part of your hidden Friends list and that part is a lot more than just your mutual friends.

  • First of all download and install the latest version of Google Chrome Browser on your computer.
  • Now install the extension Facebook Friends Mapper Extension Download Link.

Facebook Friends Mapper Extension (1)

  • Now this extension will get added to your google chrome browser.
  • Now login to your facebook account and open the profile of friends whose hidden friends you want to see.

Facebook Friends Mapper Extension (2)

  • Now click on friends option there on your friend’s profile.
  • Now you will see a reveal friends section there which will only appear when you had added the above extension.
  • Now it will start scanning the friends and will display all the hidden friends of that person.
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If you are willing to keep your friend list private, then please note that Facebook’s current privacy setting would not help you to resolve the issue. So, we expect a privacy patch from Facebook Security team as soon as possible before this tool goes wild.


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