How To Make Your Computer Faster Run [Best Ways] 2017

Hello, Visitors Today I post How To Make Your Computer Faster Run Best Ways. Many People ask me why is my computer so slow. Whenever your devices are not responding or hang without any reason or your Computer/Laptop takes a lot of time to start and all such things which make your experience with your Computer/Laptop bad. I can understand it really too much irritating but some of the devices perform too much slowly according to their hardware configuration it’s that all depends upon us. How we take care of our devices and Make Your Computer Faster.

How To Make Your Computer Faster

1)  Check Your Task Manager

If you must open the Task Manager, by clicking on the (for Windows) Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then you can find the processes which are consuming the highest memory usage of CPU, Disk. Once you find out which process is the culprit causing the slow down to your system, then you can end this particular process and continue rest of your work easily.

Check Your Task Manager

2) Install Memory cleaner software

Every time you open Computer/Laptop application or a software, create a many temporary and junk files get which is of no use!  After you close all application,  But all junk files don’t automatically remove your Computer/Laptop, instead, they have to be removed manually by us.

  • Just Click Windows+R

Windows run

  • now open run
  • put one by one “temp” “%temp%” “prefetch”
  • You always manually remove all junk files.


If You clearly junk file automatically You need a software for that and best for this purpose is Piriform CCleaner, you have to pay very few bugs to use their Premium version.

3)  Speed up your browser by clearing Cache

Whenever your browser is working slowly, it saves some amount of data within its pocket (memory) to get the results which you have most recently searched, used. This is one of the coolest features of the browser, but it can result in adverse effects if you don’t check your Browser Cache & cookies frequently.

browser by clearing Cache

4)  Disk Defragmentation

Fragmentation is those sectors of your hard drive or another storage device which become unallocated or hide from usage just because of some storage files and size. Whenever we store some files of the large amount in any drive and after deletion some amount of memory not become available for usage. So it here uses Defragmentation tools to recover them.


  • Open “My Computer” >> Right click on drive >> Properties >> Tools >> Then choose Defragment now.

Then one by one Analyze all the drive and then defragment them. This process may take a lot of time.

5)  Stop Unwanted Running Programs

Whenever you start or restart your device much software runs immediately and their interface takes some memory which leads to slow down your device. So any unwanted software which you never use regularly. So it’s better to stop them manually. To disable them just follow these steps:

  • Click on Windowns+R
  • Now Open RUN
  • Type “MSConfig.
  • After that open system configuration window will appear and then go to Startup tab.
  • Now you uncheck all the software or application running which you don’t need.
  • After that check your PC performance much better.

Final Words: So, this is the best way to speed up your Computer Laptop. you can also learn Best CMD Tricks(Command Prompt). If you any Doubt about this fell free your comment below.

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