10 Best Google Link Shortener Alternatives To Earn Money 2017

Best Google Link Shortener Alternatives To Earn Money from shortening address is one among the best ways within which you are doing not need any technical skills, it’s the straightforward methodology from that you’ll be able to earn cash online. Those that don’t realize the way to create cash online will use this service and may create some cash through this service. It’s the terribly simple method simply convert any of your URLs like your links in the journal, websites, Facebook, Google or alternative links and market it anyplace you would like.

When anyone clicks on your given address then Short links anticipate five seconds it’ll send toward original destination link. Therefore it’s the method company will pay you, the rates depend upon the businesses as a result of there are totally different address shorteners to earn cash that has different rates. Maximum pay most in between $1 to $10  per one thousand views on the associated address and that they have conjointly referral system by connexion different persons from your referrals and that they can provide you with the most 20% commission. So, here we’ve found some URL shortener to earn money from that you’ll earn cash by promoting Short links. I have already Listed Best Pay Per Download Sites For Earn Money 2017.

Best Google Link Shortener Alternatives To Earn Money

1) Linkshrink.Net

Link shrink pays 2$ to 5$ and therefore the minimum payout is 5$. it’s another sensible platform to earn cash on short links. Through referral system, you’ll get 100 percent commission from your referral. it’s the simplest and innovative company that pays sensible rates to its customers. you’ll register free and earn cash to share your links on the net. Visit Site

2) Shorte.st

Shorte.st is another popular URL shortening company and it’ll offer you $2 per a thousand views for promoting Shorten uniform resource locator and therefore the minimum live is 5$. If you’re not happy with payout then you’ll earn cash from referral system it’ll offer you 20% commissions on referrals. Shorte.st is easy and you’ll firmly get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer. It’s smart payout rates and it’s an honest platform to earn cash on short links. Besides this short.st have conjointly affiliate programs It offers you excellent ads format and you’ll promote on your Blog or website. Visit Site

3)  Adf.ly

Adfly is previous and one among the best-trusted company that is pays on time. You’ll get approx  $5 per a thousand views by promoting your shorten universal resource locator. The most factor we tend to like concerning Adfly is that the minimum payout is $5 that is best than alternative firms. It’s a trustworthy company and you’ll get your payment through Paypal. Most of the people use Adfly because it is an old and legal, trustworthy company to earn cash on short links and that takes the most effective care of its customers. Visit Site

4) Linkbucks.com

Linkbucks is another best and legal website to shorten URLs and earn cash. It’s the amount one contestant of Adf.ly. It’s nice Google page rank and really high Alexa ranking. By promoting your Shorten address you’ll be able to get zero.5$ to 3$. The minimum payout is 10$. Linkbucks has paid out quite $1.2 Million USD. alternative competitors solely by distinctive traffic whereas Linkbucks buy all of your traffic. Advertising programs are there, therefore you’ll be able to advertize with linkbacks. Visit Site


5)  Shink

This is another standard Google Link Shortener Alternatives website shorten URL to earn cash. Shink offer smart rates consistent with traffic location. It provides numerous options that square measure useful in earning tight cash from short links. It additionally provides tools for mass shrinker, API integration, page script even have the referral program within which they supply 100% commission for the life. Visit Site

6)  Short.am

Short.am is another Google Link Shortener Alternatives URL short network to shorten URLs and earn cash. this is often quickest growing network simply because they provide higher rates, features, and interface which are a magnet for users. you’ll be able to earn up to $3 from short.am for a thousand views. Minimum Payout is $5 via Paypal. Visit Site

7)  Fas.li

Fas.li a modern URL shorten where we can earn money on short links. You get paid by sharing your links on the web. you’ll be able to register the free account and begin shrinking. Everybody that visits your universal resource locators and click on your URL, you’ll get paid. You’ll be able to Place your short URLs on Social media, forums, websites and on a lot of. it’ll pay you up to $12 per one thousand visits and you’ll be able to get 20% the commission from your referrals. Visit Site

8)  Adyou.me

Adyou.me is URL shortening company to shorten URL and earn cash. Create an account and share your short URL on websites, blogs, social media, forums etc and you will get paid. The Adyou.me pays 1$ to 3$ per one thousand views. You may get paid by sharing your links on the online you’ll be able to register free on Adyou.me and earn cash online with none skills simply by sharing your links. You’ll be able to conjointly get the commission from your referrals. Visit Site

9)  Al.ly

It is another URL shortening service to earn cash on short links. It supplies rates between $1-$10 for various regions. This having three completely different account format in basic one is free and alternative with advanced options area unit premium. Al.ly even have referred program wherever they supply 2 hundredth commission rates. Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal, pay nada and $20 via Payoneer payment. Visit Site

10) Link-earn

Another new service for URL agent to form cash. Currently, they’re giving smart rates in line with regional primarily based. We are able to simply check payout rates for CPM. Link-earn conjointly provides numerous tools like fast links, mass shrinker, API integration, page Script. they’re mistreatment opening advertizing format. For marketers, they even have the referral program. Overall this short URL services appear smart. Visit Site


So, We hope you like these link short link sites. If you have any best URL shortener network which we have skipped, please leave you to comment we will review and update it as soon as possible.

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