Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives To Earn More Money 2017

Hello, Bloggers Today I post Google Adsense Alternatives only for you. Online Advertising is growing at a quicker rate in previous few years. each Webmaster and blogger favor to use Google AdSense to legalize their traffic. Google Adsense is one among the simplest ad platforms for publishers. little doubt there’s no comparison of all others networks with Adsense. Simply because of Ad Quality, Revenue, options that make Adsense best publisher platform within the advertising trade. Each Webmaster or blogger’s initial priority is to induce Adsense Approval and begin earning from it. Simply because of its a stable and reliable platform. Obviously, it’s Google’s product thus we are able to trust. For the higher guide concerning Adsense, working must check Making Money from Google Adsense.

But the Only issue with Google Adsense is its approval method and strict Program policies. If any blog or web page does not comply with policies then we cannot monetize it by using AdSense. But on the other, we also need to maintain content quality and take care of placements if we do not want to get banned from Adsense. These square measure the bond issue relating to Adsense approval and protection. So today we will discuss Google Adsense Alternatives in case your AdSense is banned or facing programs while getting approval. That the most suitable choice that left goes for Adsense alternatives 2017 ad platform that performs well with or while not AdSense. Several users continually troubled regarding can alternative network perform like AdSense.

List Of Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1) Propeller Ads

propelleradslogo-minPropeller ads square measure quickest growing show and mobile advertising platform. It may be used as best Google Adsense Alternatives. Each publicist and publisher will be a part of this platform. This platform serving ads on bases of eCPM. Which suggests ads can legitimize traffic with combined CPC, CPM & CPA offers. They supply robust reporting dashboard for mensuration our earning. We are able to use propellers ads within the Internet, Mobile, and videos. Getting approval from this platform is actually quick as compared to Adsense. Minimum Payment $100 Via Payoneer, Wire, ePayment, WebMoney. Visit Site

2) Infolinks

InfolinksAnother name in the industry which is popular as a adsense alternative for blogger and even preferred to be used along with AdSense for extra earnings. Infolinks is Intext based advertising platform that means it will randomly pick up keywords from content and create ad toolbox type ad on that keyword. Along with this they also provide In-tag which keyword cloud ad, In-Frame, In-search and In-article which is the native ad. Overall there are multiple options to monetize our traffic. We recommend using this with other platform networks together. So this will boost our earnings. Approval system is not so hard, they approve most sites accept the categories listed in their policies. Minimum Payment $50 via PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck, $100 Via Wire. Visit Site

3) Bidvertiser

BidvertiserBidvertiser is one of the oldest known pay per click platform in the advertising industry. Whenever we all think about anyPPC based Google Adsense alternatives. The first name which comes out is Bidvertisers. Both advertiser and publisher can join this ad network. They provide various Ad formats and techniques to monetize traffic. We can use Banner ads, XML feed ads and can also create toolbars which meaning we can design custom toolbar and earn from it by getting more installations. Bidvertiser approval system is really simple no need to worry about this. Minimum Payment $10 Via PayPal, Payza, $100 via Check, $500 via Wire. Visit Site

4) RevenueHits

RevenueHits-Review-minRevenue hits are the multi-channel ad network combination of CPC, CPM and CPA offers. This network can be chosen as Google Adsense Alternatives option. Revenue hits are the fastest growing platform in the industry. They are providing Rich Media, Display Banner, Popunder ads in various ad formats. Overall this platform is the good option. Also, there are many success stories about this platform. So it’s better to try and analyze this platform to check earning the potential of your blog. It’s easy to get approval there so need to struggle with it. Minimum Payment $20 via PayPal, Payoneer and $500 via Wire. Visit Site

5) Adsoptimal

ads optimalAnother fastest growing platform in the advertising industry. Adsoptimal has adopted many latest techniques of serving ads. They are providing 360% virtual reality ads for Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, and Smart TVs and Display banner ads also. There are various ad formats like Page level ads, Video ads, inline ads and much more. So if you are searching for Adsense alternatives then you should also try this ad network. It takes 1-5 business days for getting website approval. Minimum Payment $50 via Paypal, Check. Visit Site

Popunder Platform Alternatives To Google Adsense

6) PopAds

popads1-minPopAds based totally on popunder or popup ads. this is often high ad network for popunder ads within the advertising trade. If you’ve got any website on the software package, file sharing, video sharing wherever you receive large traffic however not capable of using AdSense. Then pop ads ar best as Adsense alternatives. merely produce your account and add their script on your journal and begin earning. No got to worry regarding approval.

7) Pop Cash

popcash-logo-minPopcash is another ad network the targeted on popunder ads. This platform also can be used as best Adsense different. just in case you don’t wish to use Pop ads then this network is best for popunder ads. Stats reportage system is sweet. straightforward to induce approval merely add you are the journal and find the script and paste it into your website and begin monetizing.

8) Viglinks

viglink-advertisingFor this purpose, the viglinks type auto affiliate platform is that the best resolution. They need integration of varied merchants and automatically convert our normal URL with the affiliate if that company or software has this feature. We just need to install the same piece of script and start earning from those URL’s which you never thought were supposed to be monetized.

9) Skimlinks

Skimlinks-networkAnother platform kind of like viglinks. however can even be used as fantastic Google Adsense Alternatives. they need additional that 20k merchants. Therefore if you wish to earn from affiliate selling commission from sales of merchandise, then this platform is that the sensible choice. We tend to don’t got to manually install affiliate links for giant platforms. Their automatic system can convert all profitable URLs with the affiliate. This platform is that the sensible choice for the merchandise, software, review primarily based sites. Simply join and integrate script and start earning.

Native Ad Network Alternative To Adsense.

Native Advertising is really quickest growing technique currently. Unlike banner and alternative noticeable ads, Native is well acting. These ads area unit primarily article suggestion technique from alternative advertizers sites.  Therefore native ads truly act pretty much as good Adsense alternatives.

10) Adnow


Adnow is one in every of the famous native platforms. No doubt their area unit several massive platforms like taboola, outbrains. We’ll not discuss them as a result of they need laborious approval system. therefore for medium sized publishers, these styles of networks area unit appropriate. Adnow is offered for each advertiser and publisher. we will simply register and add our website. No approval is needed, merely produce the appliance and install it to begin earning.

11) Revcontent

Revcontent_logo-minAnother noted native ad network with superb options. It’s a decent content recommendation network. There area unit variety of various widgets obtainable through that we will earn. Approval system could be a very little arduous. the performance of this platform is nice.

Best Technique To Make Money From Adsense Alternatives. ?

The most common problem which we all face while choosing an ad network is, Finding a network which performs better and what is the secure way to use them. Instead of using too many ad networks, what is a right procedure? Let us discuss.

  • Most important factor that we should always detain mind is “Your Website Niche”.
  • If your site is acceptable by Adsense but facing problems while getting approval, then read the policies and few topics on approval.
  • If you want to use additional platforms along with AdSense for extra earning, then we recommend Infolinks, auto affiliate, and any native platform. Don’t go for popunder with AdSense. Try to apply direct ad platform also.
  • If AdSense is inapplicable, then for the site like file sharing, movie sharing, etc. choose between propeller and revenue hits along with URL shortener with Page script but disable popunder. If you want to use another network popunder, choose individual Popunder ad networks. But try to use only single platform popunder which performs better. Test all of them one by one.
  • If your site is on software reviews, product reviews, software sharing then use Revenue hits, along with Skimlinks or viglinks and also native if applicable.

Important Notice: – While Using Ads On Your Blog Or Website


  • Never use more that 3 ad network at the same time like instead of using banners ads from 3 networks prefer using it from single. Instead of using pop-under ads from 2, 3 networks choose only one.
  • Don’t place more that 5, 6 ad units on each page.
  • The best combination is use max 2, 3 banners and along with native.
  • If using pop-under, then also use URL shortener only for links but disable popunder, entry or exit interstitial and place banner max 2.
  • If using more than 2 networks try not place more than 1 ad unit of any network above the upper fold.
  • Using less ad in an effective way will protect your site from the penalty. So better try all and then make the best combination by reducing less learning formats.


So, We hope this guide will help you a lot and definitely able to find Google Adsense Alternatives To Earn More Money 2017. The only thing which matters is traffic and its quality. The best way is to analyze what perform better is test different network step by step as explained above and start earning. For any queries please leave your comment.

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