[20+] Free Offline Music Apps To Listen Music Without Wifi 2017

Listening to your favorite mp3 songs will relax you with positive vibes. Music is an art for all music lovers. many folks even choose to hear music whereas operating. Hear music whereas work or travel would be additional fun with Free Offline Music Apps or cache music apps that allow you to Stream Music Without Wifi or the Internet.

If you’re a big music fan then keeping all of the favorite music on the memory card wouldn’t be a decent choice. But, as luck would have it, a decent workaround for this can be to use offline music apps that assist you to play cache music. There are few apps that even permits you to Stream Music Without Wifi or the Internet. Today I have listed 20+ Free Offline Music Apps To Listen to Music Without Wifi 2017.

20 Free Offline Music Apps Streaming Music Without WiFi Access

If you listen to music on your device while not active wifi or the internet by using offline music apps available on Android and iOS. These music apps while not WiFi can let users listen to music while not Wifi or internet connection. Here in this post, we’ve listed Free Offline Music Apps To Listen to Music Without Wifi 2017.

1) Apple Music

Apple MusicThis music streaming app from the Cupertino large is already a really mature service and it includes the choice to download your music. If you’re an Apple Music member, you’ll add songs to the offline with Simple. Within the Apple Music app, there’s a 3 dot button aboard each song, album or listing. You’ll simply tap that button and you will see a download icon on the proper of the design. If you don’t see a download button, you ought to see an icon, which is able to add the item to “My Music”. Whereas the feature works well, you’ll need to download tracks and playlists individually, which could be the effort if you have got a big collection. Download Now – AndroidiOS

2) Pandora

Pandora app logoPandora is best offline music streaming apps, everybody pop-outs, Pandora. If you’re searching for some new trending music stations wherever you’ll be able to listen to music offline then here it’s your station. This is one amongst the most effective high genre streaming service while not Wifi or internet connection. However, after you compare with its options, none of the music apps will be compared with it. Download Now – AndroidiOS

3) Shazam

Shazam RadioThis is one in every of the world’s most well-liked offline music apps, utilized by quite a hundred million folks every month to spot music, get song lyrics. Shazam is that the fourth most downloaded app of all time, and permanently reason. All you would like to try to is only open up Shazam to seek out out the name of the song and therefore the creative person. You’ll even use it once you’re outside a Wi-Fi zone or internet connection. Download Now – AndroidiOS

4) Microsoft Groove

Microsoft-Groove logoThe groove is that the best music streaming app for Android and iOS users. Groove streams tonnes of music in a varied genre. And this app holds a record to be downloaded by one lakhs peoples among on a daily basis. Groove Music apps feature nice program wherever you’ll simply browse music and songs. Download Now – AndroidiOS

5) SoundCloud

SoundCloud app logoSoundcloud is that the one in all the simplest music streaming app wherever it hosts several songs and music. All you wish is simply to signup here to concentrate on your favorite music or sure songs. SoundCloud let the artists or users move with an app wherever they’ll produce the custom list with favorite songs. And it conjointly permits anyone to download their own songs to Soundcloud, wherever it lets the native artists be reached worldwide. Download Now – AndroidiOS

6) Spotify

Spotify app logoSpotify may be a well-known music streaming app available for the Android platform. This app includes a thriving hub beside BBC’s listing services with around twenty million tracks offered for streaming daily. Here during this app, you’ll be able to expect additional privacy than another music streaming apps. Once you get connected with social networking sites, then it’ll automatically share what songs you’re listening currently. You can use Spotify freely on your PC/Laptop, however, to urge access on your mobile then you would like to procure it. It’ll price you around $12.99 a month and it’ll get obviate ads too. Download Now – AndroidiOS

7) Google Play Music

Google-Play-Music app logoGoogle Play Music may be a genre streaming app and every one Android users should fathom its service. With this app, users will fancy being attentive to music, radio from 50,000+ songs collections. Google Play Music app is often used on your PC/laptop simply with none problems. It additionally offers offline options and it’ll synchronize the iOS device with iTunes with few clicks. Download Now – AndroidiOS

8) Wynk Music

Wynk-Music app logoWynk Music may be a free offline music app for each Android and iOS users. It’s the great collection of free music. You’ll be able to simply search any of your favorite music on this app and listen to it offline. It permits you to look music by its title, and every one genre as emotional, party, romantic, previous romantic retro songs, Bollywood, bhangra, pop, and others. You’ll be able to additionally search music in regional languages as Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and others. Download Now – AndroidiOS

9) iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio app logoWe hope most of you recognize, iHeartRadio that is one in all the utmost music streaming app available for all major platform. iHeartRadio can offer access to over 800 radio stations that be hosted in US region. And this application lets its users produce their own custom stations supported their genre, artists or bands, and songs.

In holiday seasons iHeartRadio comes handier wherever they host new songs that fit your style. It conjointly claims around eighteen million songs by over four 400,000 artists and 1000+ of live music streaming stations. And daily additional songs are being added to a varied genre. Rather than sharing our expertise with iHeartRadio, it’s higher you to begin being attentive to live radio nowadays. Download Now – AndroidiOS

10) Beats Music

 Beats MusicBeats Music is one of the most effective music streaming apps that would be used offline started a handful of years back. You’ll positively like one thing to pay attention to once you have those Beats by Drew Headphones on, which music streaming app is Beats Music. Simply begin by finding the genres and artists you would like and therefore the app can produce stations only for you. You’ll even notice curated lists from different sources like Rolling Stone or Academy of folk.

From here, you’ll easily decide a station supported a creative person or use the Sentence feature to seek out one thing looking for your mood. The subscription can value you $9.99 a month, however, you’ll get a free trial for a month and see if it’s well worth the cash. There’s another chance that you just are ready to take it for a take a look at the drive with a 30-day free trial, though. Download Now – AndroidiOS

11) Slacker Radio

Slacker-Radio logoSlacker radio app is one of all the best music streaming apps which may even be accustomed play offline music while not Wifi or internet connection. The simplest half, it’s terribly simple to seek out your favorite songs consistent with completely different genres and artists you want. Also, it let the users produce custom station similar to the iHearRadio app.

Slacker radio is free and it conjointly offers subscription access to numerous songs and many human-powered music stations on mobile, web, in-car diversion and shopper natural philosophy. Here you’ll be able to merely select a station supported genre or artists and begin listening. Download Now – AndroidiOS

12) Gaana

Gaana app logoGaana is another standard app to go looking all of your favorite music. It offers you to free, and unlimited access to your favorite songs. you’ll simply search the song by its title, genres, et al on your portable anytime and anyplace. it’s the nice assortment of previous classics, Indian regional songs, Bollywood songs. besides these, you’ll additionally fancy several Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and alternative regional songs on your mobile. Download Now – AndroidiOS

13) Saavn

Saavn-Music app logoSaavn is another free offline music player app for Android and iOS users. You’ll be able to simply relish latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, English, and alternative regional songs on Saavn app. It permits you to search out any of your favorite music on your device and hear it even you don’t have the net affiliation. You’ll be able to conjointly search and play the net radio for any mood, genre, song, or artist. Download Now – AndroidiOS

14) Musify

musify-radioMusify is another handy offline music streaming app that allows you to save all of your songs dead one place. The offline music app permits you to shuffle and build custom playlists. to boot, it will distribute up your music by the country still. Now, it’s time to induce to listening worldwide.

This app is also quite frustrating with options like shuffling, covers, etc. However, it’s an ideal app to concentrate to songs offline while not Wifi or internet connection. Once you search songs and download them, they’ll be content offline. Musify is free music app for iPhone users and was free on might 09 2015. Download Now – Android

15) Deezer

Deezer app logoDeezer is another free music and song streaming app for each Android and iOS users. You’ll be able to simply search any of your favorite song on your device and play it on your device. It’s the nice assortment of tracks and additionally permits you to form endless playlists together with your favorite artists, songs, albums MP3s for complimentary. You’ll be able to simply search your favorite songs, artists, albums, radio stations and audio channels on this app and hear music offline on your device. It additionally permits you to sing the song together with your favorite creator by lyrics. Download Now – AndroidiOS


TIDAL app logoTidal is another Free Offline Music Apps for each Android and iOS users. You’ll be able to simply search and play top quality, high definition music and video on your device. It permits you to play offline music anytime and anyplace on your device. If you additionally build your personal music assortment by creating albums, artists, tracks, and playlists as your favorite. Download Now – AndroidiOS

17) Napster

Napster app logoNapster is another Offline Music Apps To Listen to Music Without Wifi for Free of Cost. You’ll simply download and store your favorite music on your smartphone and hear them offline when making a listing of your favorite music. There are over forty a lot of songs offered on this app. You’ll simply search any of your favorite songs and download them to concentrate offline without charge. With the assistance of this app, you’ll be ready to play unlimited song instantly while not ads. Search your music in step with your selection and hear them anytime and anyplace. Download Now – AndroidiOS

18) Audiomack

Audiomack could be a free music app that provides to stream and downloads free music on your smartphone. It’s a free music download feature that permits you to download and play your favorite song and mixtapes offline. There’s additionally a possibility of trending that provides the most effective mixtape and songs that square measure hot at the time. It’s utterly free offline music apps to stream and download songs and mixtapes while not paying or any subscription charges. Download Now – AndroidiOS

19) 4shared

4shared app logo4shared could be an easy app that enables you to manage files on your personal secure cloud storage. It provides a cloud storage of 15GB free house you’ll simply download any of your files and additionally get access while not Wifi or internet connection. Simply install 4shared on your smartphone and upload and share your files along with your friends and family to induce access to them. At the side of share the file it additionally enables you to hear your favorite music, stream suggested tracks and additionally produce a list for free. Download Now – AndroidiOS


So, These are 20 Best Free Offline Music Apps To Listen to Music Without Wifi and Music Streaming Apps to concentrate on your favorite songs and albums. 

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