Fix Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error In Google Chrome 2017

Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error is among the foremost common errors that we have a tendency to might ought to face whereas accessing favorite websites on your uncomparable Browser Google Chrome. This error is one such common errors (Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error) that square measure been seen by users all across the globe. There square measure actually completely different ways to resolve or Fix this problem, however, all of them embrace simply some straightforward steps. Before going into that, however, will we have a tendency to solve this error, we have a tendency to 1st got to learn what this error is and why will it occur.

What is Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error?

Many of the days once you attempt to access some websites (mostly in style once, like YouTube, Google+, Tumbler, Facebook and plenty of others) you get this error (ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR) on your screen with the subsequent message “this web page isn’t available” or errors like err_spdy_protocol_error facebook, err_spdy_protocol_error Tumblr, err_spdy_protocol_error chrome – all you would like could be an err_spdy_protocol_error fix, and you surprise what wrong is with my network connection?


Well, there’s nothing like this, it’s simply that there’s some network security issue. SPDY was once a protocol that is no longer supported by Google (due to the approaching of HTTP two that created it pretty vulnerable) and thence might produce a problem if you are doing not have the most recent version of chrome with you and this error largely occur for under those websites that have enabled https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). Well, this is often only 1 of the chances that will be true. Except for that, it should be as a result of several alternative reasons that to as well as each with and while not VPN condition.

4 Ways to Solve Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error

Well before obtaining all overrated and attempting to resolve this problem by 4 methods which can involve few steps, you must do that easy step, if this doesn’t work then you will go to the following methods.

First Way: Clearing Cookies

Well, this the simplest one and frequently works if the error is simply some security problems caused to the cookies that are present on your web browser. What you’ve got to try to simply follow these steps that square measure pretty simple:

  •  First Go Chrome settings.
  • Now Go to the history tab.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.


  • Then see a pop-up box with a checklist, tick on “Cached Images and files” and click on “Cookies and Other site and plug-in data”.
  • Deselect all the things in that box.
  • Finally, click on Clearing Browsing data tab (in right most corner)

Second Way: Check for Antivirus software on your system

Many of the Antivirus Security software users face this Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error whereas accessing bound websites. Therefore if you’re mistreatment this security software then you will add these websites to the net protect exclusion of this security software. Then to try, therefore, you wish to follow these steps:

  • First Open the Avast security software in your OS.
  • Go to setting in that software.
  • Choose active protection tab.
  • Go to Customize Web Shied Protection.
  • add the required websites here, separately.

This method can certainly solve your downside if you’re mistreatment this software. However, check that you add all the URLs properly or the error might still be seen and you won’t be able to correct it even once following the other methodology.

Third Way: Flush Sockets

This is the last way to solve err_spdy_protocol_error hide details problem or the err_spdy_protocol_error google chrome.

Flush Sockets

  • Open the following link chrome://net-internals/#sockets.
  • Choose Sockets from the top left corner tab.
  • Now click on the clear socket pool option.


Anyone of those steps can for certain assist you to mend this error for good and if still, you’re ineffectual to urge obviate this issue, you’ll uninstall your browser then set up it. Kindly follow the steps properly, in order that your carelessness might not become a haul for you.

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