How To Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected In Google Chrome 2017

We may come across the error Err_Internet_Disconnected. It’s OK after we don’t have any active net connection. Sometimes If we’ve got an active internet connection and if you still face this error (Err_Internet_Disconnected) then we’ll very be going impatience. Don’t worry friends, this article will really calm you down because this article is developed to give all possible solutions to the error err_internet _disconnected. Actually, this error may be an easy one. it should happen because of terribly easy reasons. Apart from these reasons, there are some steps available.

How to Solve Err_Internet_Disconnected

This error mainly shows due to very simple reasons. There are only some things wherever we want to check and analyze this error to urge eliminate this error. Before going into our steps it’s higher to create positive that the error Err_Internet_Disconnected doesn’t happen to duet those simple reasons by using the following Checklist.

1) Checklist for err_internet _disconnected problem:-

  • The first thing we Checklist like to see whether or not all the connections properly works and conjointly we’d like to create positive that the web cable is connected to its port.
  • If you use WiFi or Phone line connection make sure the connection authentication is working properly.
  • Make sure your WiFi connection available properly, because sometimes we may not be connected to WiFi connection due to which we may face this error Err_Internet_Disconnected.
  • After following this Checklist and you Try to Restarting your net Connection and PC/laptop.

2) LAN Settings

The LAN (Local Area Network) Settings can be another reason for this Error. You must change the LAN settings to active Internet your daily life.

  • First Go Windows Search Box type “Internet Options” there and press “Enter” key.
  • It will take you to the “Internet Properties” where you have to select “Connections” tab. Here, you will see “LAN settings at the bottom of the window as shown in the image below. Click this option to change the configuration of LAN.


  • It will take you to the “Internet Properties” wherever you have got to pick “Connections” tab. Here, you may see “LAN settings at very cheap of the window as shown in the image below. Click this feature to vary the configuration of LAN.


  • The first option is “Automatically detect settings” that you be must unchecked. The checkbox under “Proxy Server” you also be unchecked. Now click “OK” to apply the configuration.

  • Now Press F5 to refresh the pages and check out once more to connect. It will work this time.

3) Reinstall Antivirus Software

Many times Antivirus Software Not working the network by the firewall. That’s why you Reinstall the antivirus Or you use any others antivirus. After then refresh your browser and you will be connected the Internet Connection. If you’ll connect then simply disable the antivirus firewall from the setting section.

4) Clear Browser History

Some time browser history blocks or disconnects the Internet Connection so you can clear browser history by following below steps.

browser by clearing Cache

  • Now Show All your browser Data You can check and Press Clear Browsing Data.

5) Disable Windows Firewall

Some time windows firewall disconnect on your internet connection that’s why you can disable it for a time. It may work for you so follow the below steps.

  • First, open Control Panel and click on the Windows Firewall.


  • Now click Turn Windows Firewall on or off from left sidebar.



  • Then deselect the Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) both of the section.

6) Reinstall Internet Network Drivers

Sometimes, drivers are not working on your Internet Connection drivers are corrupted. As a result, the hardware does not work in proper way. So, you also need to reinstall the drivers for your hardware to make your internet connection working properly.

  • Just go to “Windows Search Bar” and type “Device Manager” Press Enter.

  • When its window appears on your screen, you will see “Network Adapters” feature.

  • Now Find the driver of internet connection and right-click to it. Once you see “Uninstall” option, select it.

  • Now Restart Your PC Then Re-install its latest version.

It will refresh your internet connection and it will start working.

Contact to Your ISP: You also can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and tell them details regarding your Err_Internet_Disconnected error as a result of this downside might produce from their server. They assist you to repair this error.

You can conjointly apply the above solutions for the below given Browser error and conjointly implement the below error solutions for the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED error, all square measure similar Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome error.

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