How To Enable Two Step Verification Amazon Account 2017

Now Enable your Two Step Verification Amazon Account securely from Any hackers. Amazon offers basic username & password to authenticate our logins & indeed it’s not enough in today era when losing an account can cost you more than just money. Recent, Amazon launched 2 step verification for all of Amazon users & I recommends you can enable it right now. The 2 step verification will add an extra security of for your Amazon account.

My all visitors you have understood how Amazon Two Step Verifications will make your account securely, now it’s time to harden the security of your Amazon account. Follow the step mentioned below & within minutes your Amazon account will be Two-step verification enabled.


How to enable Two Step Verification Amazon account

  • First Log in to your Amazon account.


  • Click on your account settings.


  • On the next page, Click Edit in your front of Advanced Security Setting section.


  • This will take you to the page where you can start the process of enabling two-step verification.


  • Now enter your phone number (Receiving SMS) and click Send code. Then type in the code you received on your phone and click


Before you enable this, Must know few things you need.

  • You can enable two-step verification using either SMS or an authenticator app.


  • When you log in to your amazon account next time, you will need to enter the SMS code or code generated by the authenticator app. (Don’t worry it’s normally).


  • If you log in from your regular basic computer, laptop; you don’t need to complete the two-step verification every time. This is what makes this secure, as even if a hacker gets hold of your password, he won’t be able to log in without the code that can be accessed by you.


  • You also need to enter a backup phone number that can be used for retrieval of your Amazon password. You can use your spouse, parent’s or siblings mobile number for this purpose.


Final Words: 

We can’t say this enough, but add Two Step Verification Amazon to all of your online accounts that support it. You might find it a little inconvenient at first but remember — Convenience is the enemy of security.For more on turning on Two-Factor Authentication on your online accounts.

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