How To Edit A PDF Document For Modifying PDFs 2017


How To Edit A PDF Document: Long gone are the days when PDF was literally uneditable. Today, there are many ways to manage PDFs and modify their content. Furthermore, PDF editing can mean any or all the following:

  • The ability to modify the textual content or analyze tabular data from PDFs by converting them to MS Word or Excel or similar editable file format,
  • Merging and splitting PDFs
  • Adding annotations to PDFs like comments, sticky notes, highlights, links, attachments, and more.

There are many different software and applications available for performing the above-mentioned actions on PDF files, from desktop to web-based to mobile apps.

However, PDF editors that allow all the above and also enable you to actually directly edit the content of PDFs are not so common. But they do exist. The one that ticks all the boxes and more is Able2Extract Professional 11. It is a comprehensive desktop PDF solution packed with PDF management features. Yet, as complicated as it sounds, it is easy to use and allows you to edit PDFs on the spot in three easy steps. If you have 15 seconds to spare, you can simulate PDF editing with Able2Extract here (just click the Start button on the interactive graphics and follow its prompts).

How To Edit A PDF Document For Modifying PDFs 2017

Edit A PDF Document (3)

As the graphic shows, you can quickly add text directly into PDF, without conversion to an editable format like MS Word’s .doc or docx. In a very comparable manner, you can also insert shapes and images into PDFs, then resize or rotate them.

Along with adding content, with Able2Extract Professional 11 you can instantly perform the following PDF content edits without conversion to other editable formats:

  • Quickly delete parts of your PDF by clicking the Delete icon and selecting the PDF text or content you would like deleted as shown in the image below.

Edit A PDF Document (2)

  • Make permanent redactions to your PDF content to wipe out sensitive information and data (using the redaction icon highlighted in the screenshot below).

Edit A PDF Document (4)

  • Move content within the document
  • Rotate PDF content
  • Customize font style and size, fill and/or outline color, as well as line width

Edit A PDF Document (5)On top of that, Able2Extract offers a myriad of PDF page editing options which allow you to make changes to the pages of the existing PDF document. Using these options you can delete one or more pages of the existing PDF, rearrange entire pages within the PDF document, split and merge PDF, scale, rotate or resize PDF.

Edit A PDF Document (1)As you can see, Able2Extract is a complete PDF editor, but it is also a:

  • PDF creator that allows for creating regular and secure PDF.
  • PDF converter that accurately converts PDF to a dozen of other PDF formats.
  • It incorporates advanced OCR technology which makes it easy to extract content from scanned PDF to editable formats like Excel or Word.
  • Last but not the least, with Able2Extract you can annotate PDF content with a wide range of annotations like a sticky note, link, stamp, watermark, highlight and more.

You can download Able2Extract Professional 11 here and test all of its features free for seven days.

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