New 30 Cool Google Tricks List Google Search Tricks For Fun 2017


Today’s web world, Google is that the new interface to the net and its websites. Now I have listed top 30 Cool Google Tricks. Gone are the times once students and researchers place in some words, and it searches the volumes of indexed information to assist them in erudite or analysis works. Now’s the time once everybody starts the net with Google.

Google Search or Google has become an educator, assistant, data archive, and God is aware of what over an easy computer program. It collects information from everywhere the web, appearance for substantive info and stores the data in its information centers to supply it later in simplest nevertheless helpful forms to the individuals. It additionally provides varied tips and tricks, search choices and special options to create higher and effective searches; and that’s what we’re getting to share this article.

These tips and tricks for Google Search can assist you to search smarter and realize what you’re trying to find simply and handily than ever before. These can increase your productivity at creating on-line researchers, and you’ll feel the web’s data on your fingertips. The ideas and tricks square measure sorted in sections or classes to boost accessibility and readability. Let’s dive in.

List Of New 30 Cool Google Tricks

1) Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll Google TricksDo a roll primarily determines for craft that however a pilot rotates 360° from its axis aerobatic maneuver, the trick is additionally applied on Google page once you explore for Do a roll on google you’ll see the changes, you’ll rejoice Obviously, this trick was terribly recent, on 2011 Google introduced a number of these tricks on Easter Egg. Their area unit a lot of New Cool Google Tricks below you’ll notice out! Just Type google search box Do a Barrel Roll.

2) Google Pacman

pacman-minThe first and can forever be within the prime is Pacman, one in every of the Google game tricks! affirmative, Pacman is extremely fashionable within the world of vice since 2010, Pacman Game on Google was on PacMan day of remembrance as Google Doodles on might twenty-one, 2010. and Google additionally created the sport formally on the market for the sports lovers on the Google front page that mean’s if your search just for “PacMan” on Google you may be ready to see the sport with Click to Play possibility from wherever you’ll be able to play Pacman.

3) Zerg Rush

Zerg-Rush-Google-Tricks-40-Hidden-Cool-Google-Search-Tricks-For-Fun-Updated-2017-minYou simply ought to kill those Zerg Rush before they’re going to all the results. It’s terribly arduous to race against them however you may see the ultimate results square measure GG which suggests smart Game and you may lose the race against Zerg Rush. Search additional New Cool Google Tricks below! Just Type Google search box, Zerg Rush.

4) Google Gravity

Cool Google Tricks area unit here, the foremost famous! you’ll use this trick if you wish everything ought to work like earth’s gravity! affirmative, the gravity we tend to area unit feeling presently as a living being you’ll additionally face identical gravity on Google, everything can fell down. however are you able to Do it? Before you progress to Google search bar, you wish to try and do some settings in your browser, visit account preferences page and disable the Google’s Instant results, currently from address bar kind World Wide and on the search box kind Google Gravity and while not touching enter button simply move your mouse indicator on the suggestion of Google Gravity you’ll notice ‘I’m feeling lucky’ possibility click on it.

5) askew

Another nonetheless for fun! affirmative, on this trick you may see all the Google search results on tilt manner and if you show your friend WHO is unaware of this trick then he may assume that the monitor has some serious bother, use a laptop for the simplest prank! simply sort on search box ‘Tilt’ or ‘askew’ and revel in.

6) Atari Breakout

Atari-Breakout-Google-Tricks-40-Hidden-Cool-Google-Search-Tricks-For-Fun-Updated-2017-minOn Google kind ‘Atari Breakout‘ and click on on ‘Images’ tab expect it may see the results whereas taking part in the game, this is often just for traditional gamer WHO need to pay time taking part in the common game. However nonetheless this is often one in every of the popular game once it absolutely was launched and currently, conjointly folks want to play this game looking that word ‘Atari Breakout’. Kill all the image results to win the match. rummage around for Atari escape I’m feeling lucky.

7) Chuck Norris

Chuck Frank Norris on previous days was much fashionable, folks want to search it to understand what specifically it’s. The result was weird! once somebody hunt for “Find Chuck Norris” then Google was with a prompt says “Google won’t hunt for Chuck Norris as a result of it is aware of you don’t notice Chuck Norris, he finds you.” If you wish to understand UN agency is Chuck Frank Norris then you may notice him as a Martial creative person Additionally he has competed for a job within the Expandables two. Currently, he’s a movie Producer and scriptwriter. Notice Chuck  Frank Norris different Cool Google Tricks and notice Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky.

8) Google Translator Beatbox

Yes, you detected it right, Google translator Beatbox, if you wish to try and do some experiments along with your easy life then you simply would like some boost enjoyments victimization this Cool Google Tricks, this trick primarily a music musician during which Google translator speaks out the written words. And you’ll be able to enter any letter or word the translator can speak out. let’s attempt some fun, copy these and paste to the google translator box then click on Listen.

9) Do the Harlem Shake

What essentially Do the city district Shake Cool Google Tricks Prank is? this can be supported Easter Egg during which a bunch of pranksters at YouTube have honored the acculturation by Google YouTube as fun on very little Easter Egg with a shake, after you hunt for ‘Do the Harlem Shake‘ on then once fifteen sec the total screen can begin dance or we can say the screen will beginning shaking as well as the videos thumbnails and therefore the sidebar navigation. this can be AN awe-inspiring fun trick Google has created for its fan! Anyway, this can be not the sole meme-based Easter Egg, once Gangnam Vogue hit one Billion reads the YouTube got wind of a dance view counter.

10) The game Dinosaur

One of the foremost addictive game ever on Google Chrome and on Google. If you’re smart at taking part in games then score high than others Visit Site to begin your vice expertise and conjointly you’ll realize players already scored around thirty-five,000 to 40,000 score if you’re thinking that you’ll beat them then smart luck with you! this game is found from Google Search, simply kind the sports archosaur and at intervals, the suggestion click “I’m feeling lucky”.. begin the game!

11) Conway’s game of life

This tough game was Associate in Nursing previous one however still if you hunt for Conway’s Game of Life then it’ll enable continued browsing to the tip of the Google search, basically, behind this game, there’s a British man of science John Conway United Nations agency created the idea with a mix of Game of Life.

12) The Loch Ness Monster

On Google Map search simply sort “Loch Ness” which is able to show you in an exceeding doll street read, essentially for people who has a lot of time to pay on looking these and obtaining info of however this things works, use the comment box however you’re feeling performing on it.


Are you inquisitive about creativity? if affirmative then this Cool Google Tricks in 2017 obtaining a lot of standard for youths after they wish to make their own world on totally different dimension! affirmative, simply google or direct visit and you may realize tiny items with endless Lego. Construct your own world mistreatment the unlimited Lego, the simplest half is you may learn and perceive the creativeness format on your brain. Yes, it’s an academic and taking part in the idea. Keep making and learning till you get bored during this Lego World!

14) Google “once in a blue moon”

Have you ever seen Blue Moon? hunt for the term “once in a blue moon” in google and you’ll see the results as calculation, what precisely it is? The moon turns blue once discharge happens and so the mud particles float within the atmosphere that turns into the split blue light-weight, you currently can perceive why Moon at the time of sunset appearance Red.

15) Google Mirror

Google-Mirror-Google-Tricks-40-Hidden-Cool-Google-Search-Tricks-For-Fun-Updated-2017-minNow another Cool Google trick, Google Mirror suggests that no matter you may search on Google Mirror you may notice those in backward-written or will be referred to as-as a mirror of everything. it’s written in an exceedingly mirror means. simply search on Google ‘Google Mirror’ and don’t click enter, simply when writing click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’ it’ll take you to the Google Mirror! fancy.

16) Google in 1998

Just type “Google in 1998” in Google Search Box and you may see the results, however, Google feels like in 1998. it’s a large transformation between these years.

17) Type <blink> in the search box.

Just search <blink> on Google and see what happens! You will say that Google has so many things to do. blink blink blink.

18) Google Guitar

Google-Guitar-Google-Tricks-40-Hidden-Cool-Google-Search-Tricks-For-Fun-Updated-2017-minGoogle stringed instrument with same ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and you’re redirected to the Google stringed instrument page wherever you’ll be able to play stringed instrument Tunes, sing and play! fancy additional New Cool Google Tricks below!

19) You can use Google as a timer

set timer-minIs it a wing isn’t? simply look for ‘Set Timer‘ on Google you’ll be able to set the timer instantly, you actually don’t want any further computer code to use this timer feature. The only factor you wish is web, Search ‘Set Timer’ and once you manually set the time you’ll hear the constant beep sound which suggests the timer has completed. Works precisely as Stopwatch! get pleasure from a lot of New Cool Google Tricks for 2017.

20) Get Direct Forecast of Any City

sanfracsico-minIf you’re living in San Franciso and need to grasp the atmospheric condition of that location then you only have to be compelled to sort on Google as “San Francisco Forecast” and you’ll get your result as what quantity temperature town is facing together with future days prognosis as wetness and wind speed. New Cool Google Tricks For info is here 2017.

21) Get Information On Particular Site

On Google Search around for “” you may notice many links that solely associated with appliance say, therefore if you wish to induce info on any specific info like YouTube Alternatives then you may get like this, “ YouTube Alternatives” and you may get info only associated with Youtube Alternatives.

22) At Restaurant Calculate Tip

Resturant-Tip-Calculator-Google-Tricks-40-Hidden-Cool-Google-Search-Tricks-For-Fun-Updated-2017-minThis trick is one among the “Must Remember” Cool Google Tricks, affirmative if you’re at an eating house having dinner what is going to be the tip if your total dinner value $500? simply search on Google “What is the tip for $500” it’ll show you the tip value, however, you’ll even change the share of tip that eating house is permitting can also set the quantity of individuals having dinner. Set as per your wish and send some food to appliance say!

23) You can check your flight status

Flight-minIf you’re a traveler and wish to stay perpetually up to now then use Google Search trick to understanding your flight standing, simply on Google Search box search “Flight Status JAL Flight 707” you’ll be able to use your flight number.

24) Search Movies Showtime on Your Location

On Google search box simply sort “Movie Times at London” and you may get the bunch of flicks shows occurring London, It well assist you to understand that show goes or will begin on that theater.

25) Search for “flip a coin”

flip a coin-minIf you’re on a quiz or on at bet with somebody and having no greenbacks then use Google Search for that, simply from your smartphone or from manually kind “flip a coin” or from the mic itself on smartphone you’ll be able to say that and it’ll offer you the flip of coin that comes either Heads or Tails.

26) Google General Knowledge And Fun Facts!

The most fascinating and academic trick ever on Google, affirmative if you would like to spice up your public knowledge then this can be the simplest trick for you! simply seek for “Fun Facts” or “I’m feeling Curious” you may get queries with answers, all square measure random, you’ll be able to even click on raise another question frequently!

27) Listening Animal Sounds On Google

Animal sounds-minIf you would like to understand however animal sounds then you just need to type “Animal Sounds” on Google Search box and it’ll offer you bunch of animals with their vocal sound!

28) Right Now What People Are Searching Across The World?

If you would like to understand what individuals area unit looking out around the world right now? then you’re on correct place, simply associate with the link here and see what percentage individuals area unit presently finding out explicit or many terms! Check here.

29) Get direct download link of any Files

Get direct download link of any M3p or video or any pic link, we’ve got already shared a writing on the way to get the direct transfer link of any file from Google Search, simply sort in search box “intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here” you’ll be able to modification the extension with mp4, 3gp or Avi format. Enjoy ;).

So there are New 30 Cool Google Tricks List Google Search Tricks For Fun 2017.

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