Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Best VPN Service 2017

Internet users seeking privacy and security are becoming increasingly clear that one of the best solutions is to opt for using a VPN, all in an attempt to keep your personal information the safest possible. But today there is a large catalog of these services because with a simple Internet search we find innumerable results and options. Therefore, when comparing these platforms and is chosen the provider is very important to know exactly what you get in the given service, and what is left out. As they say, ” the devil is in the details, ” something that can also be applied in this case when it comes to choosing a VPN, so we must pay special attention to the fine print.

Therefore it is best to do a thorough search, and we played a lot in the case of mistakes, so we are going to give a series of points where it is important to look before you opt for one of the many alternatives.

1) Number of devices

Nearly all paid VPN services include unlimited bandwidth per month, where there are usually no restrictions, however, most providers put a limit on the number of devices that can simultaneously connect to your service. And is that today most users have a smartphonetablet, and PC, even some homes with several family members could easily exceed a dozen devices. Therefore it is important to calculate how many of these will use the VPN and check how many supports connections simultaneously.

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2) Unsupported devices

Almost all VPN support a computer with Windows but these days people are using an increasingly diverse platforms number to access the Internet, we talk about Chromebooks, tablets with iOS, Macs and computers running Linux, etc, and not all providers support all of these elements. Therefore it pays to ensure that the devices we own are supported by the VPN service in question, although we may have to look a little deep into the website provider to find this information.

Well worth noting that we can avoid problems by installing the VPN support directly into the router, which by default will protect all devices connected to it. However, in this case, we must ensure that the platform hire is compatible with the installation of this type.

3) World presence

One goal of a VPN is to be able to hide our data to the outside, but there are times when a VPN is used to provide anonymity to an ISP, which is often accomplished with an IP address elsewhere other than the country of origin. Also sometimes, to avoid restrictions contained by geo-blocking , you may need a VPN server and an address IP in another country.

It is also preferable that a VPN provider has more servers and IP addresses, as it is less likely to be overloaded at certain times and is more likely to find a location nearest server to provide better performance. Therefore, to weigh the pros and cons of VPN services, you better make sure to look at while the number of available IP addresses and consider how many countries are, you can use VPN for unblocking torrent sites or any other page that blocked by your ISP.

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4) The Logs

A VPN is designed to provide anonymity when we are connected to the network, but keep in mind that the providers of these services respond to legal requests from the government for any record of the activity of its customers. Therefore they need to consider the country in which any VPN service and the particular position that is based nation on issues related to privacy. Switzerland, for example, is an excellent location for secure VPN services and providers located in that country does not need to retain any data, so there is nothing to deliver if necessary.

5) Automatic switch off

A VPN is as good as the encryption that provides something that should work almost perfectly and consistently. Unfortunately, there are times when a VPN can fail, as when suffering from a drain address one’s IP or own VPN connection drops so that data can continue to be sent without encryption and showing our true IP. Providers are aware of this and have developed a solution, a sort of switch off. This is built into the software, and for example, when the “tunnel” VPN and data falls are about to be exchanged without encryption, this is activated to stop the flow of data.

Therefore it is important to check the fine print service to make sure that the VPN will hire has an off switch like this, because in many cases can be considered as an essential feature.

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