Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android Users 2017

Android is simple to use smartphone OS that provides the enticing interface. The Android operating system frequently upgrades its version to produce its user additional features and flexibility. Android Market gives Android apps in many various fields in step with its user requirements. Today Android smartphone become a useful device. We will simply play games, hear music, surf quick web, watch videos and much more. Android is additionally very hip among the kids for gambling purpose. These days we tend to area unit getting to offer you a listing of Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android Users with a short description of everyone.

The Android market provides games in many various classes. Android addictive games square measure very hip among the kids. I already posted top 10 Best Action Adventure GamesGoogle Play store additionally offer Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android User. Best smartphone VR offers a true feeling of an area, driving, visiting a horror place, observance 360-degree videos etc. These apps offer a virtual atmosphere simulation of actual places with the assistance of very little hardware support for Google Cardboard VR telephone receiver or alternative VR hardware. We are able to take the fancy of various feelings while not getting to any place with the assistance of those Apps.

List Of Best Virtual Reality Apps

1) Fulldrive VR Virtual Reality

fulldrive-vr-150x150It is additionally a high rated app within the list of Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android. It’s a rating of 4.1 on Google play store. This app works fine with any video game viewer like Google cardboard VR receiver. We will simply stream YouTube videos in VR video player which offer you a sense of real theater. We will additionally use net and camera in VR mode. Download Link

2) Cardboard Camera

cardboard-camera-150x150It is an exquisite app within the class of Best Virtual VR Apps. It’s a rating of 4.4 on Google play store. With this app, we will simply capture photos with depth and sound that we will see in and listen to in VR. We will simply read photos in the computer game with mistreatment Google cardboard. Download Link

3) Verse-Virtual Reality

within-vr-150x150This app relies on providing you a read of filmmakers 360-degree camera videos. This camera provides us a circular read altogether direction from the camera purpose. This app provides high-quality videos with the additional realistic read. It’s a light-weight app which needs android os 4.4 or higher version. Download Link

4) Cedar Point VR

cedar-point-vr-150x150It is one amongst the wonderful apps within the list of Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android. Cedar purpose is getting ready to form the world’s longest dive coaster in northern Ohio. This app provides US feeling of this world’s longest drive. It provides us a lot of realistic scenes and graphics. Download Link

5) Insidious VR

insidous-vr-150x150If you prefer horror adventure and need to require the associate expertise of it then this app is admittedly for you. It’s a rating of 4.3 on Google play store. Elise Rainier act as your guide within the horror adventure. For the most effective expertize of this app, you need Google cardboard and VR receiver. It needs Android 4.4 or higher version. Download Link

6) Jaunt VR-virtual Reality

Jaunt-vr-150x150It is conjointly smartphone VR apps which offer an enormous type of videos in numerous classes like nature, music, comedy etc. It provides immersive medium VR expertise with the assistance of its 360-degree video read. During this app, all the videos square measure out there at no cost and content is updated often. It’s a lightweight weight android app that includes a rating of 4.2 on Google Play. Download Link

7) Discovery VR

discovery-vrIt is additionally an amazing app within the list of Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android. This app is specially designed for the Android user United Nations agency likes discovery and life. This app provides us a better read of discovery with its wonderful high-quality videos with the 360-degree camera read. It needs Android 4.2 or higher version. Download Link

8) YouTube

youtube-150x150YouTube isn’t any doubt the most important and best video streaming website on the web. It’s closely-held by Google itself. YouTube offers plenty of computer game content also as 360-degree videos that you just will relish exploitation VR headsets. Download Link

9) Expeditions

expeditions-150x150Expeditions are nice altogether virtual reality for smartphones. With this App, users will read numerous destinations, landmarks, landforms, waterscapes, and loads of alternative places in VR mode. This App is out there for complimentary on the Google Play store. Download Link

10) Titans of Space

titans-of-space-150x150Titans of the area is an app that provides a whole tour of the system on your android smartphone using Virtual Reality. You’ll compare the sizes of planets, drift around freely, learn a lot of regarding varied planetary bodies and far a lot of. It’s a requirement strive VR app. Download Link


So, These are the Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android Users. Just put in your phone in a Virtual Reality headset and enjoy the virtual world.

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