Top 20 Best Torrent Sites List 2017 [Latest Updated]

Which Best Torrent Sites area unit the foremost fashionable this year? As we have a tendency to continue a long-standing tradition, we have a tendency to see that The Pirate Bay comes out because of the king of torrents another time. Since many torrent sites have finished off in recent months, this year’s prime list additionally reveals some newcomers. At the start of 2017, the torrent landscape appearance quite totally different from a year gone. With the closing of KickassTorrents and, 2 of the biggest players within the scene disappeared.

However, their places were quickly stuffed by established sites and many new faces. The Pirate Bay is the lead yet again, closely followed by ExtraTorrent and RARBG, that gained several new guests in recent months. One straightforward reason behind is most of the popular torrent sites get frequent ban from governing authorities. However, here you’ll notice a listing of Safest Torrent Sites.

I have done a whole analysis on the best torrent client and manually handpicked the most effective torrents that area unit operating in 2017 in most of the countries. during this post, I’m listing down 20 Best Torrent Sites. These torrents can allow you to leech and download tons of free movies, music, software, applications, etc. Torrents allow you to download files in smart quality and additionally permits you to download and seed your own file for different torrent leechers.

List Of Best Torrent Sites 2017

1) The Piratebay

The-Pirate-Bay-free-Ebook-Torrenting-sites-minOne of the simplest Best Torrent Sites is none aside from the pirate bay. In this free torrenting website you’ll simply notice what you would like to save. We can additionally choose your language on this website and search files consistent with your select language. Here you additionally see high 100+ downloads and additionally choose the class. URL:

2) Sumo Torrent

Fast-Torrent-Search-Download-Torrents-Free-SUMOTorrent-minSumotorrent is another a decent and Best Torrent Sites. In this free torrenting website if you simply download any files. All files square measure totally verified by admin thus easy download something in highest quality. Will you be able to download any of your files that you wish to share with alternatives in order that other user can save it and enjoy their files? URL:

3) Rarbg

RARBG may be a smart free torrenting website for all users. In this site, you’ll simply download movies, Tv serials, and others. It conjointly sees the best download of the week from all classes. There square measure over 10k guests per week in this free Best Torrent Sites. If you simply notice something of your interest in this website. URL:

4) Your Bit Torrent

YourBittorrent-free-Torrents-minYourbittorrent is one among the foremost fashionable free torrenting websites. In this free website, We can simply download movies, tv serials, music, games, etc as in step with your interest within the highest quality. It conjointly sees the tweets and hot searches of the positioning. URL:

5) iTorrent Online

itorrent-free-torrent-minI is additionally a tremendous free common torrenting website for all users. You’ll simply download any files simply from this website. You also download software system, movies, tv serials et al in keeping with your interest. URL:

6) Nyaa is one the Best Free Torrent Sites for download. In this website, you’ll be able to simply get every kind of code, Audio and another file that you’ll  simply search and save conjointly. If you conjointly see the file size during this free torrent website and download the most effective quality files.


7) Mininova

Advanced-torrent-search-Mininova-minMininova is preferred and free Best Torrent Sites. In this website, you’ll simply search something and can also download it. If you additionally download something on this website so different guests can simply save it. This website is, therefore, widespread as a result of there’s a sophisticated search possibility so you’ll simply search by filter possibility.


8) RuTracker

RuTracker is another Best Torrent Sites that permits you to download any of the files. It needs register in order that for exploitation this website you need to have to be compelled to register and login along with your registered account to urge access to the file. It’s a strong search choice wherever you’ll simply search any of your files to save.


 9) Torrent Project

TorrentProject-Torrent-Search-Engine-minThe torrent project is additionally a best free torrent search website. In this free website, you’ll simply search files in keeping with your interest and download that file simply. The torrent project could be a clean, quick and shows correct knowledge that you wish to go looking. There are a lot of assortment of information, therefore, it shows correct searches.


 10) Extra Torrent Torrent is that the biggest BitTorrent system, therefore, you’ll be able to simply realize any of your fascinating files from this free torrenting website. If you also download free games, movies, Tv serials, et al. in highest quality from this free torrenting website. You also see the foremost searches files and additionally most well-liked files on this website.


11) Eztv

EZTV-TV-Torrents-Online-Series-Download-Official-minEztv a free and best operating torrenting website for tv serials. In this free torrenting website you’ll simply notice all tv serials in step with the date. You’ll conjointly search your interested tv serials on this website and can also download it free. You’ll notice all serials in sensible image quality and it simply downloads any file in step with your interest.


12) Bitsnoop

Bitsnoop-Search-Valid-Torrents-minBitsnoop is one in every of the free operating torrenting sites. You can simply search any files from this website and may simply save the file. You will simply download your interested go into the zipping format and simply extract it when download. If you search valid Torrent files from the bitsnoop free torrenting website.


13) Torrent Downloads

Torrent-Downloads-download-free-torrents-minTorrentdownloads is the free working torrent website and a BitTorrent open download source. You will simply get the valid torrent download links of your fascinating file. It permits you to simply notice and save Tv shows, movies, music, games, software package and alternative files from this free torrenting website. You’ll be able to additionally see the foremost downloaded files and review of the move into this website.


14) AnimeSuki

AnimeSuki-minAnimeSuki may be a Japanese anime torrent website that permits you to go looking free anime movies and videos on your computer, laptop computer or mobile device. You’ll be able to simply get the download link on this website and simply can download any of your favorite anime movies at no cost. It’s a tremendous assortment of anime movies you’ll search any of your favorite and save it.


15) Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents-minLimeTorrent is another recent and standard working best torrent sites which permit you to go looking any of your files and save it. It’s a tremendous assortment of flicks, music, software, videos et al.. you’ll be able to simply search any of your favorite information and simply get the download link of it.


16) 1337x

1337x is hottest and superb free working torrenting website. You’ll be able to simply search the files and download that files. In this website, You’ll conjointly download your files in the order that others guests can save that file and revel in them. In this website, It conjointly sees hottest torrent files of the week and can also save those files.


17) Torrentz is comparable as during this free popular torrenting site you’ll simply search and download files per your interest. It’s additionally a free, quick and superb website.


18) T411

T411-minT411 is additionally referred to as Torrent411 may be a semi-private BitTorrent tracker website that permits you to urge torrents online. It’s an incredible assortment of torrents you’ll simply search any of your favorite files and transfer it to your device. It’s straightforward to use and with a smart computer program.


19) ISO Hunt

Isohunt-minisoHunt may be a sensible and widespread working torrent sites for all users. If you simply use this torrent website on your several devices and download your favorite file. It’s an incredible assortment of torrent links so you’ll be able to search and acquire any file. It’s a clever search possibility that permits you to go looking the file at no cost.


20) Torrentz2 may be a best, widespread and wonderful free torrenting website. Here you’ll search and download all variety of files simply. In this website, you’ll additionally search latest and previous files in numerous qualities and file size. It is free, quick and powerful search engine it combining results from additional search and shows your results.



So, these are some of the Best Torrent Sites 2017 For Torrent download where you can Save hundred and thousands of your favorite Torrents Files.

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