Top 10 Best Torrent Downloader For Windows/MAC Users 2017


The Internet makes the globe reachable and small. We can do your many routine tasks with the computer and the internet. We have a tendency to use the internet for business, banking, education, recreation etc. Users will play online games, watch and download movies and games for your entertainment. So it’s not possible for everyone to buy each and every product available online. Due to this reason piracy is growing at large extent. Most likely, Torrent sites are want to perform these tasks. People use Best Torrent Downloader to Download movies, games, video, Softwares etc.I am already posted Best Torrent Android Apps for Android users.

Torrent relies on the variety of active seeders. A Torrent downloader performs this task and acts just like the supply. we are able to simply manage our download using this software. we are able to simply resume your download for the purpose of failure. These torrent consumer software’s give high speed downloading. But doing piracy is not the right way. We always suggest you buy the real product and support developers. If you can use the normal download manager I already posted Top 10 Download Manager For Windows.

List Of Best Torrent Downloader For Windows & MAC

1) Utorrent

utorrentUtorrent is one of the best free torrent downloaders software. It’s conjointly available for Mac, Linux. It is a light weight Software with easy to users interface. Utorrent even have a free version and professional version. the professional version is out there for less than $19.95 yearly. professional Version provides some additional options like auto malware removal, premium torrent client etc. Utorrent provide fast downloading speed and an inbuilt browser for torrent search. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

2) BitTorrent

BitBittorrent is another most popular in the list of Best Torrent Downloader. It provides the gorgeous purple color interface that is straightforward to use. we are able to simply play the torrent video or audio files while not its utterly downloading. BitTorrent conjointly has its 2 versions free and professional. The professional version is on the market for $19.95. Professional version provides further options like antivirus integration for scanning the file. Utorrent conjointly give video converter in professional version to convert it to phone formats. BitTorrent conjointly has its integral information measure booster. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

3) Bitlord

bitlord-logoIt’s Additionally Accessible for MAC OS. It is totally free to download and use. Its main motive is to supply free software system different for the torrent. Bitlord additionally includes a powerful program to simply search your download. It’s a light-weight software with the simple to use interface. It additionally enhances your download speed and maintains download crashes itself. Download Link For  MAC.

4) Bitcomet

bitcomet-logo-icon-29961Bitcomet is another most popular torrent client in the of Best Torrent Downloader. It is free to download and developed in C++.It supports each communications protocol transfer and torrent downloads. Bitlord probability our downloading speed from five to ten %. It supports 52 different languages. We can easily add many types of the plugin to enhance its capabilities. It is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions. Download Link For Windows.

5) QbitTorrent

QbitTorrentIt’s compatible with all versions of Windows. Bitlord may be a free various to Utorrent. It supports all the BitTorrent extensions. Bitlord provides torrent like interface. It additionally provides advanced RSS support with download filters. It additionally has well integrated and protractile computer program. Bitlord additionally features an information measure hardware to boost its downloading performance. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

6) Vuze

VuzeVuze is one of the Best Torrent Downloader for Windows. It provides straightforward to use interface with engaging graphics. It provides quick downloading speed. Vuze is additionally accessible for Mac and Android. It additionally has its HD player to play videos simply with the assistance of a plugin. Vuze also has metasearch option to find the best torrent downloads. It is a java based peer to peer downloader. Vuze is compatible with all version of Windows. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

7) Tribler

Tribler2Tribler has associated open source Best Torrent Downloader that is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. It’s frequently raising the bit torrent protocol. Tribler may be a peer to look file sharing program. Tribler is compatible with all versions of windows and is cross platform shopper. It provides quick speed and automatic download management. Tribler conjointly options an inherent streamer player. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

8) Deluge

DelugeThis is Best Torrent Downloader software which is freely available to download. Deluge is on the market for Windows, Mac Linux. It is a lightweight torrent client with simple to use interface. It supports various plugin to enhance its functionality. Deluge is meant in each stand-alone modes and within the client-server design. within the client-server system, we will remotely management it from another PC. Deluge give quick downloading from the torrent sites. Download Link For Windows or MAC.

9) Transmission-Qt

Transmission-QtIt is an official release for Windows. It is also available for Unix and Linux and Mac. Its user interface is like the torrent. It provides quick downloading speed. It’s a rating of four.2 out of 5. Transmission is free to download with its amazing features. We will simply manage your download pause and resume them. Download Link For Windows.

10) Tixati

tixati-logoThis is another best bit torrent client in the list of the best torrent client. It is 100 percent free to download and use. Tixati provides the easy interface. It is available for Windows and Linux operating system. Tixati is both ad and spyware free.It additionally provides quick downloading and information measure management to boost the downloading speed. Tixati additionally provides advanced options like science filtering, event computer hardware. Download Link For Windows.


So, These are some Best Torrent Downloader. Note – Please use this downloader only for downloading legal and secure sites. We don’t encourage you to do piracy.

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