Top 10 Best Duplicate File Finder Apps For Android 2017


Best Duplicate File Finder Apps on your device attributable to varied reasons like file sharing, file downloading, knowledge backup etc. Another potential reason might be taking photos in burst mode or alternative similar pictures that stay on your device for no smart reason. All these similar photos file not only occupy precious space for storing however it additionally affects device speed and performance negatively. To induce obviate these duplicate exposure files you’ll perform manual improvement that proves long. Else you’ll use duplicate exposure finder tools for instant and correct results.

To boost your Android device and to get rid of the junk collected you might have downloaded many applications. But sometimes you might have found it difficult to choose the correct application to do so. File duplication is largely responsible for taking space on your Android device and if you will go to the play store you will find a large number of applications which claim to remove duplicates. We will make it simple for you to choose by describing Top 10 Best Duplicate File Finder Apps For Android 2017.

List Of Best Duplicate File Finder Apps For Android 2017

1) Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files FixerSystweaksoftware has developed this DUP file Cleaner Application. It works amazingly in just a few minutes or seconds you can find duplicates. The best thing about this application is it not only finds our duplicates on the basis of name, it is intelligent enough to identify duplicates based on the content of the file. So, if you will have duplicates with different names on your device then to DUP files fixer will find and clear them. You can also take backup of your data before clearing duplicates. The application also allows you to manually choose from files for the deletion. The application is free to download. Get The App Here

2) Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos RemoverIf you are looking for an application which can help you to get rid of DUP photos only then you can go for Remo Duplicate Photos Remover its De-Dupe algorithm displays the memory absorbed by the DUP images after scanning the phone. Then it becomes easier for you to clear out duplicate files. The application turns up in a couple of seconds and does not take much time to clear duplicates. Get The App Here

3) Duplicate Media Remover

Duplicate Media RemoverThis application is a solution for those who are looking to clear duplicates specifically in media files. Media files include audio, video, images and others. In this application, you can schedule scans on weekly basis. You can specifically select files and folders to scan or to keep away from the scan. Not only this application also allows you to share scan results with your friends. Usually, media files are greater in size so you can go for this application to free up memory clearing duplicates in media files. Get The App Here

4) Duplicate File Finder-Remover

Duplicate File Finder-RemoverIt is another powerful tool to find duplicates. As an addition to finding and clear duplicates, you will also find an option to play music files at the time of clearing duplicates. Like a good DUP file finder and remover, it quickly finds and removes DUP files. The app shows duplicate photos and videos in the slide by slide format and grid format as per your choice. Which makes it very easy for you to clear duplicates quickly and to save you from deleting non-duplicates accidentally. The application is available in most of the languages used word wide. It can be downloaded for free from the play store. Get The App Here

5) Search Duplicate File

Search Duplicate File (SDF)Search duplicate file application is a sharp DUP finder for Android you can search for duplicates even in hidden folders after authorizing the application. Some other features of the application are that you can find duplicates according to type and size. Get The App Here

6) Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

Gallery Doctor - Photo CleanerIf your photo gallery is looking messed up and it requires a treatment. Then you should consult Gallery Doctor. It is simply a duplicate photo cleaner. This application will make your gallery free from duplicate photos and left a well-organized photo gallery with you. Get The App Here

7) Remove Duplicate Files

Remove Duplicate FilesIt is a basic application for removing duplicates from your Android devices works fine with almost all kind of files such as GIFs, Videos, Photos, and music. This application does not occupy much space and it is free to download. Get The App Here

8) Duplicated Files Finder

Duplicated Files FinderWith the very basic interface, the application is good enough to find duplicates and to visualize them clearly. You will have control over the files getting deleted you can abort the deleting process at any point. Get The App Here

9) Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos FixerBecause for most of the photography lovers, files mean photos on their smartphones because they mostly use the device for the photography purpose. In this situation, duplicate photo fixer is the best application it finds duplicate photos in just a few seconds and you can clear these files in just a few taps. Get The App Here

10) DupPhoto Cleaner

DupPhoto CleanerAnother application Best Duplicate File Finder from your Android device. If you are someone who does not love the extra techy interface, then you should go for this application and get rid of all the duplicate files in just a few taps. The application is available for free on the play store. Get The App Here


So, these were 10 best duplicate file finder apps for Android You can choose any one of them as per your requirement they normally take only a few MBs on your device and free up 100s of MBs.

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