Top 10 Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android – 2017


Android devices square measure widespread within the market and among the youngsters as a result of they’re cheaper in price as compared to IOS devices. Android device square measure widely used nowadays as a result of its superb options like HD display, high-quality camera, Big RAM and High-speed CPUs, Big storage, quick net and straightforward to use interface. Latest Android devices cupboard space will expand with facilitate of SD card. generally, we’d like to transfer a large amount of data between Android devices related to our work or large games etc. One choice is to use the wireless local area network direct feature to transfer a large amount of data between Android devices. So today we tend to are planning to discuss the simplest Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android to transfer files from one device to a different.

But some older version of Android devices doesn’t support this options. Then the potential approach is to use the computer for data transfer. As we’ve already explained the way to Best WiFi File Transfer Apps For Android. However, of these are long and a few state of affairs, we tend to don’t have any potential thanks to using WiFi association data transfer. In that situation, we tend to only rest with Bluetooth possibility. little doubt traditional Bluetooth transfer speed is slow. I am already listed Transfer File Connect Two Laptops using WiFi network.

List Of Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps

1) Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth-file-transfer-AppIt is one in all the Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android that is on the market on Google play store for free. We are able to manage your phone files mistreatment its files manager. Using this we are able to choose multiple files to send. It uses the FTP the protocol to transfer the files. It’s compatible with all the Android versions. You’ll conjointly read the received file Using this App. Download Link

2) Bluetooth File Share

bluetooth-file-sharingBluetooth file share is another standard Android Bluetooth file sharing Apk. It’s conjointly on the market on Google play store for free of cost. It is often accustomed share Audio, video, photos etc. This app conjointly arranges all the files class wise. We will conjointly share Application via social media like Gmail, FB etc. It may also back up the appliance put in on your phone. It may also share contacts and supply support for Dropbox. Download Link

3) Astro Bluetooth Module

Astro-bluetooth-moduleAstro Bluetooth module is another Best App that is not available on Google Play Store for free. It provides easy and straightforward to use interface. We will backup your installed Apk using its backup feature. It uses the FTP protocol to transfer files. Astro Bluetooth Module conjointly provides its intrinsic file manager to manage your device files and folder. It conjointly provides a task killer to manage varied tasks. Download Link

4) Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth-App-senderBluetooth App sender is specially designed to send your installed app files with the assistance of Bluetooth. It’s on the market from google play store for free of cost. It conjointly permits you to Backup your Apps. Bluetooth Apk Sender conjointly permits you to share your apps to social networking sites like G-mail and Facebook. It’s a lightweight App that provides simple to use interface. Download Link

5) Shake File Transfer

Best-bluetooth-file-transferShake File Transfer is most popular Android Apk that is offered on Google Play store without charge. This app arranges all the files in class wise. We have a tendency to don’t got to manually change the Bluetooth this App take hold over Bluetooth and that we will change or disable Bluetooth through this apk. We will launch the App by shaking our phone and easily bit the icon. This app will increase the speed of transfer two occasions than traditional speed. Download Link

6) Best Bluetooth File Transfer

shake-file-transferThis app is easy to use and provide the attractive user interface. It’s compatible with all Android devices. With the assistance of this App, you’ll be able to send multiple files to the chosen users and conjointly produce a backup of installed app to send it to the different user or install it later to flee from re-download it.

7) Bluetooth File Transfer By Joker Mush Gero

bluetooth-file-transfer-android-appThis is another known from the list of Best Bluetooth App. We will simply share apps with your friends using Bluetooth. Users may also backup your apps using this. We will additionally share contacts with your friends. We will additionally filter photos, videos, music, videos etc. It additionally provides social media file sharing choices. Download Link

8) Bluetooth Share Files Transfer

bluetooth-share-file-android-app-150x150It is another high rated app. It’s a rating of 4.5 on Google play store. We will simply share audio, video, image, doc, and nothing files using this app with your friends. It additionally provides inbuilt image browser. We will additionally share the file using social media. We will activate the blue tooth from within the App. Download Link

9) App Sender Bluetooth

app-sender-blutooth-android-appIt is another Best app for send files via Bluetooth for sharing your installed apps with your friends while not using the net. We will simply share your installed apps with Bluetooth or alternative choices like Email, Dropbox, FB etc. It has a rating of 4.1 on Google  Play Store. It needs Android 2.3 or higher version. Download Link

10) Bluetooth App Sender

bluetooth-app-sender-android-appIt is another best app within the list of Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android that is out there on Google Play Store for free. We are able to simply transfer your installed apps with one click with your friends. It’s a light-weight Android App which needs Android 3.2 or higher version. This provides a straightforward to use interface. It’s a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store. Download Link


So, there are few Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android. We hope you like them all don’t forget to share it with others. For any query, write a comment box below.

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