Top 10 Best Audio Editing Software For Windows And MAC PC 2017

Music is another a part of our life and everybody likes to listen to music. whereas it should be a song, Solo music, beat, religious music and another sound so that we listen.Audio recorders are used to record these voices, music and another sound so that we listen. People like to listen high-quality audio without any noise effects. Therefore, to form our audio quality high and suppress the result of assorted environmental noise, we have a tendency to we use Best Audio Editing Software.With the help of audio editing, we can also add extra sound effects like bass, echo, beet, tuning etc to our normal voice. Thus, Audio editing is done with the help of some special software tools.

As we also posted about Best Video Editing Software For Windows And MAC. But audio editing required separate software to achieve high-quality recording. Sometimes we want to add extra vocal effects like any instrumental voice or many other like birds, animals, and many other voices. Because we need to use Best Mp3 Editing Software For Windows And MAC PC for mixing audios. Even we use mobile phones for recording sounds but it cannot achieve high-quality voice. So Best Audio Editor Software for PC is required to edit the voice and add some extra voice effects, remove noise, sound mixing and more. Therefore, In this article, we provide you a list of some Best Audio Editing Software for PC which includes paid and free version. Choose any of the best which fits according to your need for the same.

List Of Best Audio Editing Software For Windows/MAC PC

1)  Adobe Audition

adobe-auditionAdobe Audition is a product of Adobe Corporation specially designed for Windows and MAC Operating System. It is most powerful and Best Audio Editing Software with the well-defined user interface. It provides audio slicing, restoration, remixing of varied sounds, varied sound effects, several integral sounds and much more. Adobe Audition is best in all Music Editor Software for PC. Adobe Audition additionally supports all audio formats and convert one format to a different format. Its price is Approximately about $349 for full licenses. With the assistance of this tool, you can edit an audio file within few minutes with various effects. Thus, It is used by professional audio editors. Download Link

2)  Avid Pro Tools

Avid-Pro-ToolsAvid Professional Tools is another Best Audio Editing Software for Windows and MAC Operating System.It is used by professional musicians to produce the effects of various musical instruments and remix various sounds. This Tool provides several constitutional instrument sounds, plugin support to increase its practicality, virtual DJ system etc. It is easy to use and is available for a cost of $699. Download Link

3)  Reaper Editor

reaper-editorReaper is another powerful best music editing software for Windows and MAC Operational System. This is the light-weight audio editing tool. It supports the variety of plugins to extends its practicality. Non-professional users will simply use it as a result of its straightforward interface and easy to use tools. It provides built-in sounds, remixing tools, the gathering of sound effects. Reaper Editor offers individual license is simply for $60 and also the business license is $225. It is good for beginners. Download Link

4)  Audacity

audacity-editorAudacity is a freeware open source Best Audio Editor Software for Windows and MAC and Linux Operational System. It supports completely different file formats like mp3, OGG, AIFF, WAV and many others. Audacity conjointly supports live sound recording, audio remixing tools, and noise suppression tools. If you are looking for free tools then Audacity is the best choice for you and it provides the simple interface and easy to use tools. This software is good for beginners. Download Link

5)  Wavosaur

wavosaur-editorWavosaur is a free best music editing software for PC. It is used for audio editing and Wav file formats. It is also a real-time sound recorder. Wavosaur additionally provides plugin support, sound remixing, clip sound, noise suppression and add sound effects etc. It has no installer and registry files we just need the double click to run it. Wavosaur is a light weight software. Download Link

6)  Wavepad

wavepad-pc-softwareIt is another Best Audio Editing Software for Windows, MAC, Android etc. It supports all the favored music formats like mp3, Wav, Ogg, vox, aac, WMA etc. We will simply record and apply effects on audio file like add silence, mute, audio trim etc. It’s a professional audio editing tool with simple to use interface and lots of sensible options in its premium version like auto start recording, auto trim, recording, etc and its premium version is accessible for less than thirty-nine.95 USD. Download Link

7)   Acoustica Mixcraft Audio Editor

acoustica-mixcraft-audio-editorThis editor is one among our favorite Audio editors available in the market. It Offers multi- channel audio piece of writing which ends during a nice space for correct combination and piece of writing of multiple audio files in making one musical masterpiece. It’s offered for $24.95 and you’ll be able to additionally Download the trial version to offer it a trial below. Download Link

8)  PreSonus Studio One

presonus-studio-one-editor-696x412PreSonus Studio One is that the best music editing software that you just will get your hands on. It’s to require care of the very fact that this software contains various tools of the professional level and so the interface will be overwhelming for beginners. It’s the simplest answer for all of your piece of writing desires which too in one place. This software has three completely different versions which provide a special set of options and you’ll procure the one that you just need. The creative version starts around $85. Download Link

9)  Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

sound-forge-audio-studio-694x420From the media house of Sony Enterprises, comes a great audio editing software, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10. It’s a stimulating software system for audio production and offers plenty of audio customization tools for the piece of Editing. There’s a mode wherever the piece of editing goes in a simple to use best mode and mixing can be done in a matter of clicks. This software system doesn’t compromise on audio quality in the least and everyone comes have professional output qualities. Download Link

10)  Ardour

ardour-audio-editing-softwareArdour is that the last nevertheless one among the Best free music editing software For recording, processing, and mixing of audio. The best thing about Ardour is that it is professional and user-friendly at the same time. It supports plug-ins thus users area unit unengaged to customize its usability in line with necessities. The tool is additionally much free as users solely have to be compelled to gift the maximum amount as they require to unlock all the professional options. Donations begin from as low as $1 so that they area unit much giving it away. Download Link


So, these are few Best Audio Editing Software For Windows And MAC PC 2017. In case you feel we missed any of the best tools, please leave your reviews in the comments section.

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