Top 10 Best Applock For Android Device Free Download 2017

Smartphones became everyone’s best companion. Currently, phones aren’t limited to calling and messaging. We tend to perform several tasks with phones like net browsing, picture capturing, Email, Store an outsized quantity of information, use totally different Apps etc. In this article, we are going to share the list of Best Applock For Android Device Free Download. Due to the craze of smartphones in the young generation, large of latest smartphones gets launched each year. A number of various devices with OS are offered. However, Android phone users have accrued staggeringly as a result of they supply wonderful options at the low price. Android has its own marketplace that provides a large number of Apps and games.

But we are always worried about its security because there are many Apps, contacts, emails and other personal data. Sometimes your friends, family, and different kids wish to play games that also are risky for security wise. We rather use screen lock apps for Android. But screen locks protect Android from misuse and not supply privacy. All these things can protect data in different conditions. But to reduce all issues regarding privacy and security, the best way is to use best app locker for Android. Today here we are going to provide few Best Applock For Android which will protect your gallery, images, file manager or any other app with the password.

List Of Best Applock For Android Device

1) Hexlock

hexlock-android-appHexlock is that the free app within the list of Best Applock For Android. One among its best options is parental management. Nobody can delete or manipulate your phone knowledge while not your permission. We have a tendency to don’t got to worry regarding social accounts and electronic communication, We are able to simply lock them with alternative phone settings. It conjointly provides media vault to cover and secure our pictures, audio, and videos. Nobody will uninstall this app as a result of its secret protected. Download Link

2) AppLock

Applock1AppLock is one of the most popular apps lockers for Android available on Google Play Store for free. It provides you the ability to secure your phone Applications and information with the positive identification. You can only access the Applications if you know the correct password or pattern. It also provides the facility of pattern lock to different App with different background colors. It has Approximately 1 million users and supports 24 different languages. Download Link

3) SmartLock

SmartLock1SmartLock is another best app locker for Android which is available on Google Play Store without charge. It can lock inbuilt App as well as installed Apps. Its media tab shows all the media files like audio, video, photos etc permitting you to lock them. It may lock USB storage and phone auto screen rotate. It additionally provides support for Android Lollipop. This is permits each pattern and pin lock. Download Link

4) CM Locker

cm-locker-android-appIt is one among the most effective App within the list of Best Applock For Android. It’s a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. We will simply lock any app with password and pattern lock. It conjointly provides phone booster to extend our phone speed. CM Locker conjointly cleans battery exhausting Apps to increase our battery life. It can even take the photograph of the entrant exploitation our phone front camera. It’s a lightweight weight app with simple to use interface. Download Link

5) LEO Privacy Applock, Boost

leo-privacy-applock-android-appLEO Privacy Applock, Boost is another best app in the list of Best Applock For Android which offers a combo pack of app locker and phone booster. We can lock our phone social apps like whats app, FB, Hike etc with pattern lock and pin lock. Users can easily find and control our lost phone With SMS messages.  We can also customize your background with different themes. Approximately 100 million users have downloaded this App. Download Link

6) Gallery Lock

Gallery-lock-AppGallery Lock is another best app locker for Android which is available on Google Play Store for free. It also Supports stealth mode that is you can hide a launch icon. We can share the picture with Gallery Lock to any other App. It also supports cloud backup to Google drive, Dropbox etc. It allows the three attempt to open the Gallery after three failure it captures the image of Attacker. Download Link

7) Vision App Locker

Visidon-lockerVision App Locker is most popular and smart Android Application that is available on Google Play Store for free. This App locker provides a smart feature that makes it distinct from other lockers. We can use our face as a password to unlock any App. You are also required to provide a password in case of face recognition failure. It supports both pattern and pin lock. We are able to lock Gallery and different intrinsical phone Apps installed. Download Link

8) Secure Gallery

Secure-GallerySecure Gallery is an awesome Best Applock For Android which is available on Google Play Store for free. It can hide picture and videos in the Gallery. It will hide image and videos within the Gallery. Secure Gallery provides the engaging and easy interface. It additionally supports the concealment mode. Secure Gallery provides straightforward Gallery management. We can change the background of Gallery. It additionally provides image viewer and slideshow for pictures. This app supports each pattern and Pin lock. Download Link

9) Perfect App Protector

PerfectApp-protector1Perfect App Protector is another popular best app locker for Android to protect your data and App which is available on Google Play Store for free of cost. We can not delete an App before unlocking it. It Is also provides a unique feature of Stealth mode. In this mode, an App becomes complete invisible from the launcher. It allows you to lock any App with Pattern, Pin or gesture. It also can show pretend messages once latched App is launched. Download Link

10) Smart App Protector

Smart-App-Protector1Smart App Protector is another popular Best Applock For Android which allows you to lock Gallery and installed phone Apps. It provides simple and easy to use interface.  It’s accessible on Google Play Store for free of charge. You can lock the Apps with the pattern, Pin, and gesture. This App monitor unlocking the of Apps and on failed attempt, it captures the photograph of the intruder. Download Link


So, these are few Best Applock For Android Device. We hope you like this list in case we miss any best app and gallery locker app then please share it with us in the comments box below.

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