Top 10 Best Android lock Screen Apps For Free Download – 2017 (Latest)

Hello, Readers Today I Post Top 10 Best Android lock Screen Apps For Free you. Android phones are extremely customizable because you can customize anything you want according to you with the help of installing apps. Android has the large marketplace where you can find a large number of free and paid android apps. You’ll rather simply modification wallpapers, themes, and launchers per your want. With the help of customization apps, you are able to change your device interface fully. we tend to in all probability see the house screen and screen lock of our smartphones 100 of times in our daily routine.

But don’t worry Android devices area unit customizable, therefore you can change your home screen and lock screen according to you just by installing Best Android Screen Lock Apps. Like all Android phones come with inbuilt lock screen which is not fully functional and it looks like boring and most people want some privacy that nobody can invade their phones.  But there are many Best Screen lock Apps For Android devices user which are completely functional high security and become with the variety of beautiful themes.

List Of Best Android lock Screen Apps For Free Download

1)  Go Locker

GoLockerGo Locker screen app is very the simplest and Best Android screen lock Apps that are downloaded by quite a hundred million users and 970,000+ user reviews with the most reviews square measure 4.4-star rating. moreover, as you’ll get screen locker themes from Go Locker theme store that provides an oversized range of various themes for his or her users that square measure paid or moreover as free, therefore you’ll customize any theme consistent with your would like. You’ll additionally get android style moreover as iPhone style or another style themes. It’s shortcuts like phone, settings, and messages that you’ll directly accessible from your mobile screen lock. Download Link

2) Locker Master – With HD Themes

Locker-MasterLocker Master is that the best and another popular app in List of Best Android lock Screen Apps. You’ll lock your mobile screen along with your own style with locker master. It additionally provides you various interesting and stylish themes. Locker Master has varied completely different and unique unlocking patterns. You’ll customize your general settings and app fast launcher. You can check your phone messages and missed calls from your mobile home screen. It additionally provides the forecast route on the lock screen. Locker Master have completely different style themes so, you can download IOS7 pattern or pin lock themes. You’ll additionally check Facebook, Google+ and Twitter notification from the screen lock. Download Link

3) Cover Lock Screen

Cover Lock ScreenCover lock screen app is most popular and smart app in altogether Best Android screen lock Apps android users that you’ll be able to use for your mobile lock. Several unique patterns are out there on this app that you’ll be able to use them consistent with your style. You can smartly set your mobile settings according to you with the help of this app. It provides you the feature like app change such as you will directly go between apps. Currently, it’s not available on google play store.  Download Link

4) Dodol Locker  – Wallpaper

Dodol Locker – WallpaperDodol Locker once more is the Best Android lock Screen Apps for Android with the variety of themes. You can customize your home screen with stylish themes.Dodol has plenty of themes and wallpapers in line with completely different classes that area unit free similarly as some area unit bought screen lock as a result of they supply distinctive PIN/ Pattern unlock variety for your privacy. With Dodol launcher you can totally change and decorate your home screen with themes and fully functionally unlock pattern. Download Link

5) Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo-NotificationEcho notification lock screen app shows you the notification on screen as a result of with the assistance of this app You’ll amendment set your notification as you would like. It additionally lets full management however notification would be displayed. It’s a light-weight screen lock app that won’t impact on your battery power. From the key options, It provides you sensible alerts that solely warn you on a needed messages and you’ll additionally organize notification in a very cluster and set them priority bench vise. Faucet on the app to open or rather swipe left to dismiss the app. Lock screen PIN/ pattern area unit accessible to secure your mobile from the unauthorized user. Download Link

6) Lock screen OS 9

lock-screen-os-9You can create your mobile creative, lovely and fascinating with the assistance of Lock screen OS nine screen lock app. It provides you sort of wallpapers and themes for your mobile and a spread of unlocking patterns. Simple to use and you’ll be able to manage your notifications in keeping with you. You’ll be able to customize your screen lock and rather create it look creative. Download Link

7) Slidelock Locker

Slidelock-LockerSlidelock locker best option in listed Best Android lock Screen Apps and provides you screen lock show with notification, Thus you’ll receive directly your necessary notifications on the screen. It’s a clean and light-weight screen lock app. To unlock the screen you’ve got to swipe right and after you swipe left it’ll open your camera. And for open notification swipe right and swipe left to dismiss the notification. The custom standing bar is on the market during this app otherwise you will customize setting for every app from home screen. Download Link

8) Loklok Locker

Loklok-LockerLoklok Locker is a Best Android lock Screen Apps and always syncs between you and other people who are connected to you. Creating a group of some of your friend so whenever anyone tries to change their screen lock wallpaper it will change automatically on other friends screen. It will connect to you to your friends, therefore, You can leave notes for your friends. You’ll draw or erase pictures on the whiteboard. Users will relish together with your shut friends everywhere the day take any exposure and placed on the board and draw any funny pictures thereon. For your privacy, it’s distinctive pattern and pin numbers. Download Link

9) Locket Lock Screen

Locket-Lock-ScreenLocker lock screen is quite associate intelligent Best Android lock Screen Apps. Once you open your phone it continuously shows you prime stories. It tracks your interests and brings you relevant content on your screen lock. Locker app is fantastically designed and has the nice user interface. It continuously allows you to save stories for the later browse like some stories you wish to browse later you’ll simply save on your screen and you’ll browse later. Case app provides an outsized quantity of themes and distinctive pattern and PIN number security lock system for your mobile privacy. Currently, it’s not available on google play store. Download Link

10) Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm-Anti-Theft-Screen-LockIf you are worried if some will steal your smartphone or somebody will open your phone while not your permission then doesn’t worry this app can assist you as a result of it provides distinctive security systems. When anyone tries to open your without your permission it’ll sound an alarm, start to vibrate which will scare the person away because of this, app name is anti alarm theft this app. Download Link


So, all the above-listed apps are Best Android lock Screen Apps For Free Download for android phone which is widely used. If we missed any best one let us know in the comments box below.

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