Top 15 Best Android Call Blocker Apps To Avoid Spam/Unwanted Calls

Best Android Call Blocker: Cell phones area unit an incredible invention that helps to stay in contact with friends and family and with different shut one’s and you’ll simply check with different persons with simply a Call, however typically It is quite annoying once somebody is continually line of work you and you don’t need to answer the Call. Most of the time telemarketers, phone scammers, unknown numbers or text-sending machines invade privacy that annoys everybody particularly once you’re in your workplace or defrayal precious time along with your loved ones.

Today smartphones are able to block unwanted calls and messages with the 3 party call blocker app for android 2017 which will be easily available on the play store. In this article, we’ve organized the simplest Top 15 Best Android Call Blocker Apps which will use to dam unwanted calls and messages.

List Of Best Android Call Blocker Apps

Once during a whereas, I use my phone as a phone. Yeah, it still happens. I make calls to different phones with none apps and, moreover, I even get known as back on my phone’s number. It even provides me a nice nostalgic feeling, like “This is what I did with my 1st phone!”. However typically we actually don’t need or cannot acquire the phone. Some people get known as from work on off-the-clock hours and people handle breakups by perpetually line their exes (drunk). So, we’d like Best Android Call Blocker apps for iPhones and Androids.

1) Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

TruecallerTruecaller is one in every of the Best Android Call Blocker and Spam protection apps each for Android and iOS. This app has achieved over a hundred million installs on every platform. First, of, the associate app should tell who is calling so the app has a contact’s list and you using that list you’ll build calls like with the other call app. You’ll even see once your friends are liberal to speak. In alternative words, Truecaller are often used as a replacement for your phone app. Once it involves actual obstruction, Truecaller has a superb info of spam or uninvited numbers. Due to that, users will see once one in every of these numbers ar career. Download Link

2) Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr. NumberMr. Number conjointly handily users a reliable info of pre-determined spam or unwanted callers. The spam-related numbers are automatically filtered out and this data is displayed later. The app encompasses a long history and you’d expect all the updates build the app unconquerable once it involves obstruction SMS messages likewise as calls. But Mr. Number will block calls after all. Still, this can be a solid choice to think about, and regular updates can for sure build it higher, however. Download Link

3) Call Blocker

Call BlockerThe straightforward name for this app reflects its simple nature. This is often an app designed to urge the task kept away from any problem or additional options. With a clean Material style interface, Call Blocker quickly permits the user to simply manage their nuisance calls, because of Blacklist and Whitelist options. On prime of this, Call Blocker additionally offers block temporal arrangement, that permits users to urge some peace and quiet specifically once they wish it. And therefore the app features a log of those calls, too. Download Link

4) Should I Answer?

Should I AnswerThis is another straightforward app with quality tested by countless downloads. It’s utterly free and aims to be as refined as doable, instead of making an attempt too exhausting and being additional of a nuisance than the unwanted calls. The app offers up a shared info of proverbial nuisance callers and spam numbers, that permits you to think about double-checked information from alternative users that have had constant business troubles. Download Link

5) Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call BlockerThis is professional call blocking app for Android, Extreme Call Blocker is integrated with the Federal Communications Commission Spam List. Sure it conjointly permits users to make their own blacklists to Block friends. Extreme Call Blocker will have a high tag, however, it’s worthwhile considering developers’ support among alternative things. One last thing: the app updates its spam list very often, thus this can be expensive thanks to going, however undoubtedly an answer. Download Link

6) TrapCall: Unmask Blocked Calls

TrapCall Unmask Blocked CallsTrapCall forever tells you who is calling, they can’t hide behind Unknown Number, Blocked Caller, and No caller ID tricks. You’ll shield yourself by obtaining the information you would like to file police reports, keep track of digital stalkers. Download Link

7) Call Bliss

Call BlissCall blissfulness helps you to decide whose Call gets through and whose gets silenced. We’ll be able, to begin with making teams of callers like Family, Friends, Enemies, Knitting Bros and permit or silence them as you would like, with only one faucet. Which will additionally happen to look at your location? You’ll be able to place unwanted callers on the Exclude List, send all calls to voicemail with Suppress All Callers Feature. This app is meticulous, though, requiring iOS eight or later. The Don’t Disturb operate doesn’t block calls; callers will still leave voicemails. And it prices $9.99. Download Link

8) Caller-ID

Caller IDCaller-ID could be a free identification service that comes up with names of signal house owners WHO that simply known as you. Some cellular phone carriers don’t provide full display services that area unit totally different with this app: you simply enter the quantity into the app and you’ll see the name registered to the quantity. The app works for numbers in the North American and Canada Only. This for sure helps once you try to block a caller. Download Link

9) Master Call Blocker

Master Call BlockerMaster Call Blocker takes care of these pestiferous callers by coping with them the approach you would like. Call interference is currently simply broached away. Block calls and avoid interruptions. It additionally includes options just like the ability to dam unwanted calls with a BLOCKED LIST, Blocks Individual Contacts, Blocks Individual phone numbers from robot decision log, Block Custom phone numbers, Blocks all unknown range (not in your robot phone contacts), and Block all numbers. Download Link

10) Calls Blacklist

Calls BlacklistCall Blacklist is an associate Android app that is in style among all the Android user. Call blacklist will block all the unwanted calls also as text messages from any unwanted, private, hidden, anonymous or unknown numbers. This plugin lets to dam annoying calls or messages like telemarketing, spam, and robocalls. You can block numbers from your contacts list, calls, and messages logs, or add them manually.You can additionally set specific times once you need to dam calls or messages to your phone. Download Link

11) aFirewall call and SMS blocker

aFirewall call and sms blockerAndroid firewall Call and SMS blocker permit you to assemble multi rules to dam totally different Call or message at a distinct time. Periodic rule and ammunition time rule area unit supported.ou will forward the blocked calls to voicemail or a non-existing variety. And you’ll set aFirewall to just accept and hangup blocked calls to avoid forwarding to voicemail. Another smart issue regarding this plugin is that numbers in protected list can more be blocked; Protected oral communication supports to cover protected list numbers’ call/SMS/MMS. Download Link

12) Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Call Blocker FreeThis Call blocker app permits you to dam the Call and also the messages you’re receiving from the unknown persons or from bots. It is a very free Android app and allows you to block unwanted calls, spam messages, similarly as produce custom obstruction modes, and block the “One-ring phone scam”. It consumes less battery and Ram and conjointly has a straightforward to use interface with lightweight weight. You will add the numbers to the blacklist that you wish to the dam and within the whole list that ar vital phone numbers so that they can perpetually reach you. Download Link

13) Blacklist Plus – Call Blocker

Blacklist Plus - Call BlockerBlacklist Plus is Another Best Android Call Blocker App. You’ll be able to increase the blacklist not Only any contact or range from the calls and messages logs however conjointly the complete vary of any phone numbers that begin with sure digits. Any numbers in any format may be superimposed to each the black and also the white lists. This is often a strong Call blocker. By using the whitelist and also the varied modes of obstruction, you may have the chance to outline exactly the circle of individuals WHO will get access to you. Download Link


So, There Are Top 15 Best Android Call Blocker Apps To Avoid Spam/Unwanted Calls. Hope this article helps you find the best app for blocking unwanted calls. I have already Listed Best Android Cleaner And Optimizer Apps 2017

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