Top And Best 5 Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction 2017

Using an app to reduce smartphone addiction may sound crazy to some users but it is still one of the best solutions to reduce your digital footprints. Various Android app developers are offering some futuristic solutions to help you monitor and reduce smartphone dependency. It sends you daily & weekly reports and alerts when you spend long hours on your smartphone device. Let’s discuss some of these useful apps to stop your smartphone addiction to save some time for real-life things.

Best 5 Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction 2017

1) Social Fever

Social Fever is a futuristic solution to help you keep the tab on your smartphone addiction. This app helps you track your mobile phone usage and suggest you what is wise usage for you. It monitors your phone-unlock pattern and monitors app over usage and sends pop-up messages when required. It even helps you save time when you are using social media apps for a longer time. This lightweight and user-friendly app help you regain some precious time for real-life things. It sends you daily and weekly reports for better management of your phone usage. Social Fever helps you set goals and track them in real-time to reduce your virtual world dependence.

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2) App Usage

App Usage is the simple yet effective tool that helps you keep the tab on your activities on the cell phone. It displays total and average app usage time during the day to help you manage the app usage. This app displays information about how many times in a day you checked your phone and display activity history during the day. It sends you alerts when you overuse any app or spend longer time on your smartphone device. It also displays most-used apps and tracks all installed apps. Further, it displays those apps which are not in use for a long time to help you manage them well. In other features, it offers app install reminder, batch clear apps cache or data, add personal notes, root uninstaller, and much more.

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3) Space

Space works on the simple layout and user-friendly design to help you perform numerous tasks seamlessly. It offers customizable tools and features to help you disconnect from your phone addiction. Using this tool, you can set and refine your goals to spend time on your device. It helps you read phone usage pattern by monitoring your phone lock pattern. This app displays the detailed history of your phone and app usage to help you keep the tab on most used apps. It offers multiple useful tools like Space-Time, screen dimming, and notification blocker to turn-off unnecessary notifications. Further, you can even share your phone usage results with your friends & family to help them get rid of their phone addiction.

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4) QualityTime

QualityTime Use this engaging and easy-to-use app to monitor your phone usage and get real-time reports to better manage your time spent on the mobile device. It offers in-depth analysis of your device usage by tracking total screen unlocks total usage, individual apps usage, and offers daily & weekly summary. This app allows you to take some actionable features to set alerts and breaks while using the device for long hours. It sends you detailed usage summary every morning to help you understand and curb over usage.  Further, you can tap any app to track app-specific usage history, customize and exclude tracking by apps, share top apps features and so much more.

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5) MyAddictometer

Use this productive tool to spare some time from your mobile phone addiction. This visually appealing app offers some powerful features to help you fix your mobile phone addiction. It analyzes your behavior and offers you consolidated mobile usage trends and data. This tracks your daily smartphone usage and displays daily, weekly and monthly report. It also keeps the tab on your phone unblock behavior and display report about total time spent on the device. Using this app, you can know those apps on which you are spending the most time. You can use the app for quick and effective results.

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Using apps to stop your smartphone addiction is the smarter way as it offers quick and reliable results. These apps monitor your smartphone usage in real-time and send you daily, weekly and monthly reports to help you keep the tab on smartphone usage. Using these effective apps, you can spare some time for more important real-life things reducing your smartphone addiction.

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